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6 O c t o b e r 1 2 ' 1 7 H A N N A / c O r O N A t i O N / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w R e a l E s t a t e / H o m e s mail bag Failure to get response from Kneehill residents Dear Editor, First of all, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the nominees for Kneehill County Council. Thank you as well for the dedicated service of each council member who decided to step down at this time. On June 28, Kneehill County held a public hearing for their Municipal Development Plan (MDP). This is the most important planning document in the County. Two information sessions for comments on the draft MDP were held and I’m told a grand total of zero persons attended. A third session combined with the annual update on the County netted a few more attendees and the public hearing itself a handful of comments. Meanwhile, a questionnaire was sent out with a County newsletter to get input on the draft. This questionnaire was responded to by a grand total of 22 out of 5,000 residents … that’s correct TWENTY-TWO. Each councillor could have sat down for coffee with three residents and obtained better results. Surprisingly, Kneehill administration spent a considerable amount of time turning these 22 surveys into statistics with percentages. Really, people, is that how much we care about our county? What should we really take away from those surveys? Obviously not much! The first question should be “How can we get a better response from our residents?” The next question should be C02, not a factor in climate warming Cont’d from Pg 4 That first ice age lasted about 400,000 years. At that time there was no oxygen in the atmosphere, it was somewhere between 70 and 90 per cent C02. So C02 was not a factor in warming up the climate at that time. They have figured out that in every case when the climate warmed up, C02 emissions did not increase until after the climate had warmed up. Climate change is caused by solar activity and cycles. During the medieval warm period over a 1000 years ago, global temperatures were much warmer than they are now. During that period, the Vikings were farming and growing grain on Greenland. No one knows, but it is possible that the Arctic Ocean may have been open to the North Pole at that time. Today Greenland is solid permafrost. The warm period we are experiencing today began about the year 1750, before the industrial revelation, when man first started emitting C02 into the atmosphere from the burning of coal. In the last 100 years, the global mean temperature has only increased by about one degree which is hardly catastrophic! An excellent book I came across a few years ago was written by Bruno Wiskel. It describes, in detail, the work and research of the real scientists that determined the timing of the various ice ages that occurred. The title of the book is “The Sky is Not Falling”, Putting Climate Change on Trial. I would recommend to anyone interested in the real science of climate change, try to obtain a copy at a public library. C02 is not destroying our living conditions, in fact, it is improving the conditions for growing plants. There has already been an increase in yields of about 15 per cent by just increasing concentrations of CO2 from 280 parts-per-million (ppm) to 400 ppm. Scientists have determined that the ideal concentration for plant growth would be about 1200 ppm. My advise to everyone is to pay no attention to the climate alarmists. Climate change is and has always been natural. The sooner the media, politicians, environmentalists etc., admit that climate change is natural, the better off the world will be. Paintearth Regional Waste Management Ltd. WINTER HOURS Effective Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 The Castor, Coronation and Halkirk Transfer Stations Winter Hours of Operation will be as follows: Wednesdays 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Saturdays 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. If you don’t have an access card, they are available at the Halkirk Village Office, Town of Castor Office, County of Paintearth No. 18 Office and Coronation Transfer Station “Was the survey itself difficult to respond to?” Finally “How can we endorse a plan for the County when we have not succeeded in getting input from residents?” A couple of questions for each of the candidates for council and especially for the incumbents, “Will the residents of your division guide your decision making?” If so “Recognizing the current method of obtaining public input is not working, what is your plan to engage your residents?” Most importantly please get out and VOTE! Wendy Clark Rosebud, Ab. Kneehill County Resident LAND FOR SALE BY TENDER Parcel 1 NW 1/4 13-29-3 W4th Excepting thereout all mines and minerals Area: 64.7 Hectares (160 Acres) more or less Parcel 2 SW 1/4 13-29-3 W4th Containing 64.7 Hectares (160 Acres) more or less Excepting thereout A) Plan 9710086 Road 0.414 Hectares (1.02 Acres more or less) Excepting thereout all mines and minerals Including: 3 Quonsets large bungalow built in 1976 2 Butler bins on concrete (4,200 bushel) 2 Twister bins on concrete (4,800 bushel) 2 Behler hopper bins (1,200 bushel) 3 Wheatland hopper bins (1,480 bushel) 2 Westeel Roscoe bins, older, (2,700 & 1,200 bushel) Parcel 3 SE 1/4 14-29-3 W4 (Cultivation Lease #5208) 159 Acres more or less Parcel 4 E 1/2 13-29-3 W4 (Grazing Lease #81953) 275 Acres more or less All parcels subject to current Lease Agreement which expires December 31, 2017 Tenders to be delivered to: Niblock & Company LLP at 420 Macleod Trail SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta or mailed to P.O. Box 609, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 7G5. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. A 5% deposit is to accompany said tender payable to Niblock & Company LLP, In Trust. Buyers are responsible for their own inspections. Tenders will be received until 4:00 p.m. on October 31, 2017. LANDS FOR SALE BY TENDER Richard G Creasey and Ann H Creasey hereby offer for sale by tender the following briefly described property subject to the reservations, exceptions and encumbrances contained in the existing certificates of title: SW 20-38-15-4, containing 146.85 acres more or less; and SE 20-38-15-4, containing 147.89 acres more or less (hereinafter called the “Lands”). FEATURES OF THIS PROPERTY: approx. 200 cultivated acres, cross-fenced, four dugouts, coulee, old railway right of way divides the property. The sale of the Lands is subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned: 1. Vendor makes no warranties or representations about the property’s size/measurement, condition or environmental status. 2. The gas well has been abandoned, generates no revenue and is currently on the Orphan Well Association’s list. 3. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration. Tender price shall be excluding G.S.T. 4. Tenders will be received by the lawyer noted below up to but not after 12:00 o’clock noon on October 20, 2017. Tenders should be forwarded to Landman Reule Law Office in a sealed envelope marked “Creasey Tenders”. A certified cheque equal to 10% of the purchase price must accompany the tender. 5. The balance of the purchase price to be paid by solicitor’s trust cheque or certified funds on or before December 12, 2017 (“Possession Date”). 6. Property taxes not to be adjusted. 7. Underground power line lease with annual revenue of approx. $640.00 will be assigned to the purchaser, but will not be adjusted. 8. Seller will complete the fence on the north side of SW 20-38-15-4. 9. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. For further information regarding the property, please contact the owner at 403-741-6452. Please provide contact information, including a phone number, with the tender. LANDMAN REULE LAW OFFICE Lori R. Reule Barrister & Solicitor 4819 - 51 Street, Box 1630 Stettler, Alberta TOC 2LO LANDS FOR SALE BY TENDER The owner hereby offers for sale by tender the following lands: Meridian 4 Range 16 Township 38 Section 3 Quarter South West - Paintearth County Meridian 4 Range 16 Township 37 Section 34 Quarter North West - Paintearth County both excepting thereout all mines and minerals and free and clear of all financial encumbrances. THE OWNERS MAKE NO WARRANTIES, REPRESENTATIONS ABOUT THE PROPERTY, SIZE/MEASUREMENT, CONDITION OR ENVIRONMENTAL STATUS. Possession will be granted on December 7, 2017 subject to payment of tender price. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration. G.S.T. to be added to the tender price where applicable. Tenders will be received by the undernoted law firm up to but not after 12:00 o’clock noon on November 15, 2017. Tenders should be forwarded or delivered to Anderson Law Office at their undernoted address in a sealed envelope marked “Muncy - Tenders” and should include a certified cheque payable to Anderson Law Office Trust for 5% of the price offered. Tenders may be for all or either of the parcels above mentioned. The balance of the purchase price must be paid on or before possession date. Terms of the sale will be cash. Cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. For additional information contact Ron Muncy at 403 323 0322. Anderson Law Office Box 190, Bay 5, 5002 -51 Avenue, Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0 Phone: 403-742-2529

E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b O c t o b e r 1 2 ' 1 7 7 Tell them Danny Hooper sent you 38145 RANGE ROAD 201, Rural Stettler County, AB Charming acreage, all the benefits of country living within 5 min. of Stettler. School bus to the door; hardtop within a 1/2 mile; sculpted yard with mature spruce, fruit trees, shrubs and garden areas. Upgrades circa 2000. Oversize double garage, workshop for the landmark realty An Independent member broker 3” wide version RURAL WATER TREATMENT Iron Filters • Softeners • Reverse Osmosis Never shock chlorinate again!! with Big Iron’s Patented “Kontinuous Shok” Chlorinator 12345 Need WATER WELL but short a of cash?? • 10 Year Time Payment Plan O.A.C. • No Down Payment for Wells and Water Treatment Check status of 3 government grants/assistance worth up to $ 5000 or more EACH Gwen Lee 5010-50 St, Stettler, AB • 403-742-4080 3.75” wide version 1-800-BIG IRON (244-4766) RURAL WATER TREATMENT handiman or lady, areas for games and play. $300,000 40141 Highway 56, Rural Stettler County This completely Iron Filters • Softeners • Reverse Osmosis renovated “House on the Hill” presents majestic vista Never views of shock chlorinate again!! with Big Iron’s Tell them Danny the property and area from all angles, Hooper whether sent you you are Patented sitting “Kontinuous Shok” Chlorinator on the covered or open front deck, working in the bright 12345 Need WATER WELL updated kitchen; sharing a meal with family and friends in but short the large dining area, or pruning the a of cash?? sculpted flower beds • 10 Year Time Payment Plan O.A.C. • No Down Payment for Wells and Water Treatment and mature shrubs in Check status of 3 government grants/assistance worth up to $ 5000 or more EACH front and side yards. $575,000 Downstairs entertaining area. Garden and house yard are protected with huge spruce featured shelter belt. New shingles on house 2016; new blown in insulation 2017. 30x40 insulated metal clad barn, corral system, shelters; metal clad machine shed 40x64 w/ 220 wiring & 15x20 folding doors. R e a l E s t a t e / H o m e s Mindful of our intensity of hate Cont’d from Pg 4 I remember Timothy McVeigh killing 168 innocent children and adults when he bombed a government building in Oklahoma City in 1995 and, in the same era, religious zealots bombing abortion clinics, killing adults to save babies. And there are many more terrorist examples prior to and post 9/11 perpetrated by whites on the left and right. Ironically, the Islamic extremists, who are fighting the infidels—democratic governments led by the United States—have much in common with white national extremists in the United States who are also fighting their democratically elected federal government. Whether it’s 20 dead six-year old students and six teachers in Sandy Hook or 59 dead music fans in Vegas, mass shootings are wrapped up in American liberty and fear of their federal government. In Canada we need to stop Americanizing ourselves with a steady diet of CNN, Fox News and The Rebel. We are better educated, more travelled and have a far superior governance and judicial system than our neighbours to the south. (P.S. don’t tell them, they think they’re the greatest!) Terrorism is simply getting wrapped up in an uncompromising ideology that leads to the justification for violence. Most important, we must always be mindful of our hate and the intensity of that hate because each one of us can be radicalized. Terrorism is not colour coded. 1-800-BIG IRON (244-4766) Needing that new home before winter? Don’t Miss our Fall Savings $ 5,000 00 Ask about our Numerous options! Immediate delivery available. off any one showhome Call Marg @ 1-855-380-2266 or visit for online viewing or come in person 915 - 43 rd Street South Lethbridge AB