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10 | April 12, 2018 |

10 | April 12, 2018 | The Northbrook tower news FREE FAMILY EVENT! HEALTHY KIDS DAY! FREE FAMILYFUN FESTIVITIES FROM 9:00-11:00 AM. •BOUNCE HOUSE •ACTIVITIES •VENDORS •FAMILYFUN JOINTHE HEALTHY KIDS DAY RACE! APRIL 21st, 2018 Race startsat8:00 am REGISTER TODAYAT: NORTH SUBURBAN YMCA •2705 Techny Rd.Northbrook, IL •847-272-7250 • Northbrook D27 Board of Education Majority of student fees likely to remain the same Board will vote at April 19 meeting Todd Marver Freelance Reporter With the exception of a possible increase in the book and materials fee for grades 3-5, students fees will likely remain the same in Northbrook School District 27. The Board of Education reviewed the proposed student fee recommendations for the 2018-19 school year at its Thursday, April 5 meeting. The board is scheduled to vote on approving the fees at its April 19 meeting. The District is recommending a $10 increase in the book and materials fee for grades 3-5 for next school year from $45 to $55. The rest of the student fees besides the book and material fee for grades 3-5 are proposed to remain the same as the 2017-18 school year. On an annual basis, the District reviews and tracks the cost of consumable resources and online subscriptions. This year for grades 3-5, the District added several new consumable resources for the science curriculum as well as a new online subscription for math. Both resources have been used heavily this year and will be recommended for use in 2018-19. The online subscription was free for the first year of use. However, a fee structure will be in place for 2018-19 and forward. The recommended $10 fee increase to the book and material fee for grades 3-5 is in order to cover that subscription cost. The increase will keep the District in line with meeting the benchmark of a 50 percent cost split between the Board of Education and parents. “We do have a new consumable resource and the online subscription that will increase costs just a little bit in that area,” assistant superintendent for finance and operations Kimberly Arakelian said. “That $10 fee increase will help us to maintain that benchmark.” For grades K-2 and 6-8, the District is in line with current costs and maintains the benchmark of a 50 percent cost split between the Board of Education and parents without needing to increase the book and material fees for those grade levels. The book and material fee for grades K-2 is proposed to remain at $40 and grades 6-8 at $45. The grades K-2 school supply fee is slated to remain at $40. The District is continuing the school supply ordering program for grades K-2 for the 2018-19 school year. Classroom teachers organize and manage purchasing of school supplies for grades K-2, which is why there is a difference in fee structure between grades K-2 and 3-5. Grades K-2 have the $40 school supply fee, while school supply kits for grades 3-5 are coordinated through the Shabonee PTA. “For Shabonee, the PTA still coordinates the school supply kit for the kids,” Arakelian said. “But for Hickory Point, it works a little bit differently in terms of the teachers making sure that the classroom supplies are ordered within the budget.” Arakelian added that it’s less costly for grades 3-5 to continue with the school supply kits. “It saves the parents a lot of money,” she said. “We actually cost it out for grades 3-5 and it’s still cheaper to do the school supply kit through the PTA for those grade levels. But we certainly have been able to cut the cost in half for grades K-2, so that’s worked nicely for us.” The field trips/on-site performances fee for grades K-5 is slated to remain at $10 and grades 6-8 at $20. The milk fee for all grades is proposed to remain at $5, grade 6 calculator fee at $15, grade 6 P.E. uniform fee at $20, grades 6-8 yearbook fee at $25, grades 3-5 technology fee at $50, grades 6-8 technology fee at $145 and bus fee for all grades at $385. The technology fees are directly related to the one-to-one student netbook program offered at each grade level and the costs to maintain the program. The District will be line with meeting the benchmark between a 67 to 68 percent cost subsidy for the bus transportation fee. northbrook the northbrook tower | April 12, 2018 | 11 THE JACOBS COMPANIES PRESENTS