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Optimum Nutrition Spring 2018 PREVIEW


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CONTENTS 8 16 20 THIS ISSUE TIRED ALL THE TIME? So many of us are struggling to get through the day that ‘TATT’ has now become a common acronym used by GPs. Jackie Lynch, a registered nutritionist and author, looks at how to use nutrition to get back your va va voom RAISE A DIFFERENT GLASS If you’re looking to cut back or cut out alcohol or fizzy drinks, read on. Louise Wates writes why alcoholfree wine is now a regular tipple of choice, and Ellie Smith looks at how cutting down on fizzy drinks could benefit our health INTERVIEW Max MacGillivray knows a thing or two about fresh fruit and vegetables and wants the UK’s children to know about them too. So last year, he toured Africa on a motorbike just to show children at home a world of fresh food REGULARS 14 ALL ABOUT With warmer weather on its way, it’s time to bring out the salad spinner. For some, however, raw food is a year-round way of life. Jenna Sinclair writes 24 ON YOUR PLATE If you are looking for something fresh and vibrant to liven up your lunch, why not try one of these recipes from LEON Happy Salads, by Jane Baxter and John Vincent 32 WORLD CUISINE Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world, and diet is a big part of this. Food writer Nancy Singleton Hachisu told us what makes Japanese cuisine special 34 DIFFERENT STROKES Spring, when the trees begin to bloom, is the perfect time to take up ‘forest bathing’, the practice of immersing oneself in nature to calm the senses 42 FEATURE When bowel movements for your child are difficult or distressing, it is time to take action. Catherine Morgan writes on a problem that is not exclusive to children 44 LITTLE LIVES Catherine Morgan considers ways to shake up breakfast, and we find out how some experts think we should be tackling childhood obesity 29 FOOD FACT FILE We look at why environmental campaigners are concerned about palm oil, and whether we should be worried about the nitrites in our bacon 36 FEATURE As a nation, we love sandwiches. We look at the rise and rise of the high-street butty and ask if making some swaps could be better for our guts — and the environment 48 MOVE IT Alice Ball investigates the debate surrounding what macronutrients — carb, protein, or fat — are best for powering up before a workout 04 COMMENT / NEWS 12 RESEARCH UPDATE 28 KITCHEN CHEMISTRY 39 BOOK THERAPY 40 PRODUCT NEWS 47 IN SEASON 50 ION GRADUATE STORY Find out how studying with the Institute for Optimum Nutrition changed Catherine Jeans’ career SPRING 2018 | OPTIMUM NUTRITION 3

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