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S I N I R S I Z B O Y U T U N L I M I T E D S I Z E The dreams and imaginations should not be limited. The ideas covering the emotions and unique requests cannot be placed on a point. By designing the impossible, Artemis ® Solid Surface lets dreams out of their limits. With its structure and smooth appearance, it reaches limitlessness. I I S V E R İ R H E A T I T U P The Artemis® Solid Surface structure is shaped with heat. It contributes to the warmth of the environment by radiating the heat it has accumulated. I Ş I K YAYA R L I G H T I T U P There are color choices for the sinks that are translucent that give off light. Artemis® Solid Surface lights up the space it's in with its translucency and increases the area of usage. S S U I Ç R AT M A Z N O S P L A S H E S The Artemis Solid Surface gets rid of the water splashing problem with its structural design.

G E R D Ö N Ü Ş Ü M İ R E C Y C L I N G With its constituent minerals and homogeneous structure, Artemis® Solid Surface can be broken into pieces and recycled without emitting hazardous gases into the environment. While it can be manufactured in one cycle, it can be divided into pieces by another cycle. Ç E V R E D O S T U N A T U R E F R I E N D L Y With the minerals in it, Artemis ® Solid Surface has an environmentally friendly homogenous structure. Designed in accordance with the standards, Solid Surface is in concordance with nature. K O L AY M O N TA J E A S Y I N G L A S S E M B Artemis® Solid Surface can be installed quickly and easily by our innovative and competent service specialists. K O L AY B A K I M M A I N T A I N A B I T Y I L Surfaces designed by Artemis® Solid Surface can get to its original look by using the sponge produced for the product. In case of an accidental damage, it allows on-site repair without having to change all the material and the product.

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