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Quarter 3 Decision Making Quarter 3 Decision Making Conversation with Sunil Lahary, the Monitoring Operations Leader For past four months a large expense variance has shown in Monitoring and Compliance. It was noted on the MPOR and the prior project leader’s transition notes say “project underbid due to technical complexity” The variance has been steady in each of the reports for the last four months: it has not grown, and has not reduced. This variance is material to the overall performance of the project and you and Winston Chen are trying to understand the issues and determine a path of action. Here is your (the Project Leader for the Xorra Project) recent email on this topic: From: To: CC: Winston Chen, Project Specialist Sunil Lahary, Monitoring Operations Leader You, the Project Leader Sunil, I’m working on the next revision of our schedule and plan for the Xorra project. I’ve noticed that we have had a consistent variance on the project for the last four months. Should I adjust our project plan going forward to reflect that level of monitoring expense? Should we try to discuss this with the client? I’m copying the new PL on this so we’re all in the loop. Thank you. Winston From: To: CC: Sunil Lahary, Monitoring Operations Leader Winston Chen, Project Specialist You, the Project Leader Winston, You know this project is a mess. Whatever you’re seeing the Monitoring engineers are billing that must be what it takes to do the work. I said time and again this project was bid low. Up to you whether to adjust the forecast, I’m not in those conversations. Sunil From: To: You, the Project Leader Sunil Lahary, Monitoring Operations Leader I’m trying to get a better understanding of the current status of this project. I notice there has been a variance in the Monitoring Visit line for the past three months, I’d like to understand more about what is happening to cause the variance. Can you give me some background? © 2018 Insight Experience, Inc. 49 Developed for PAREXEL.

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