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Business Acumen for Project Management Simulation Domestic Monitoring EnviroAid sells and delivers all kinds of monitoring projects to customers in the Domestic Market. Final operating permits for most new industrial facilities require data from an organization with approved monitoring process. Most major industrial firms now outsource the monitoring work to firms like EnviroAid. The Domestic Monitoring unit has a portfolio of active projects running at any one time with staff in many different locations. EnviroAid has well respected environmental monitoring expertise and a strong organization that attracts talent. Individuals tend to be hard working and dedicated to creating the best and most environmentally friendly solutions for their clients. Domestic Monitoring is led by Ian Rupert who has a reputation as a demanding leader with a strong commitment to delivering value to clients. “I am impressed by and grateful for the work of our project leaders. It is their oversight and direction that enables us to balance the constant tension of delivering service to customers and managing our financial returns. The best PL’s never lose sight of the need to deliver BOTH kinds of value, not one or the other.” © 2018 Insight Experience, Inc. 4 Developed for PAREXEL.

EnviroAid Business Overview The monitoring business has three functional groups who provide the staff and expertise to complete work: • Protocol and Regulatory (P&R): Responsible for creating the environmental monitoring and compliance plan for the project and securing all necessary permits. • Monitoring and Compliance (M&C): Responsible for onsite monitoring of client processes outputs, air, water and soil quality. Engineers work on site to monitor plant outputs, record the plant operating conditions and test and take custody of soil and water samples during ongoing operations and the decommissioning of old processing equipment. M&C requires highly skilled environmental professionals to assure compliance and oversee testing. The M&C engineers gather and submit data and test results to the Data Evaluation and Analytics group. • Data Evaluation and Analytics (DEA): Receives and processes onsite monitoring and compliance data from the M&C group. After the data is all received and the data is considered locked, this group analyzes the data and creates reports for client and regulatory use. Domestic Monitoring Financial Performance (000’s) Actuals PY 00 Budget full year 01 Revenue $21,652.7 $ 24,765.4 Direct Costs $ 9,709.3 $ 9,573.6 Project Margin $11,943.40 $15,191.8 Project Margin % 55.2% 61.3% Indirect Costs $ 4,722.1 $ 5,394.4 Selling General and Admin $ 1775.3 $ 1,839.0 Controllable Contrib $ $ 5,446.0 $ 7,958.3 Controllable Contrib % 25.2% 32.1 % Unit Utilization 75.9% 80.0% Unit Turnover 9.3% 6.0% Project Background Projects at EnviroAid are predominately competitively bid contracts. Since requirements often change after award of the contract, the contracts are usually task and milestone based which allows client and EnviroAid to manage the scope of work and any necessary changes over time. While there are industry standards and common practices, individual contracts often have unique categories and pricing for tasks. However, tasks usually fall into the following categories: © 2018 Insight Experience, Inc. 5 Developed for PAREXEL.