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Business Acumen for Project Management Simulation The largest parts of most projects are the Monitoring and Compliance work which requires highly trained environmental engineers on site. Monitoring is required for the term of the construction or remediation project on most sites. At EnviroAid revenue is recognized as a % of completion which is calculated as standard tasks are completed, unless there are signature or milestone requirements in the contract. EnviroAid bills regulatory submissions, travel expenses and lab charges back to the client as pass through expenses without any markup. At EnviroAid, the remaining work on any project is assumed equally spread over the remaining months in the project schedule. These complex projects require a mix of skills and roles. Each is staffed with functional engineers and specialists who report to their function. Oversight on the project, however, falls to the Project Leader. The key roles and relationships are: Project Directors Project Leaders Business Development Operating Leaders for the Functional Groups Financial Business Partners • Oversee all the projects in a client sector, responsible for project and divisional performance. • Manage the project to achieve budgeted financial performance, the agreed upon timeline and to meet client expectations. • Maintain or improve customer satisfaction. • Oversee execution with staff from many different functional areas over the course of a project. • Utilize the many interrelated systems which are designed to help forecast and capture work requirements, project expenses and revenue recognition. • Coordinate the work of Project Schedulers and Project Assistants • Responsible for the bidding process, contracting, executing Changes In Scope and overall client management • Includes Contract Specialists who can help estimate costs on potential project changes • Hire functional staff, oversee staff and deliver their functional requirements on the project • Develop the technical skills of staff in their area • Work with the project lead to deliver the project on schedule, on budget and with increasing customer satisfaction • Ensure financial compliance and for ensuring good financial practices are followed. Your boss, Sandra Williams, is very focused on operating performance. “EA struggles to meet margin and growth expectations. Enhancing project performance is considered a key component of all efforts to improve both margin and growth. It’s our job as the Project Team to help the functional groups deliver their work within the boundaries of what has been sold. Sometimes it’s not easy, but it’s always important.” Simulation Challenge During the Business Acumen for Global Project Leaders program, you will work with a team of your peers to lead two projects for Sandra Williams. The projects are at different stages of the project lifecycle. You will focus on Project A during Rounds 1 and 2, and Project B during Round 3. You will work with the same team of functional leads and staff for both projects. © 2018 Insight Experience, Inc. 6 Developed for PAREXEL.

Project A Challenge: PowerPro Site Monitoring Project A Challenge: PowerPro Site Monitoring You will be making decisions on Project A on the first day of the Business Acumen Program. Please familiarize yourself with the project information as there will not be time to read the background information during the course. Client Background • PowerPro is a multinational energy conglomerate that owns and operates coal, wind and hydroelectric electricity generating facilities. They have been an EnviroAid Domestic Monitoring client for over 10 years. EnviroAid has won several large projects from PowerPro every year for the past 5 years. Business Development estimates that PowerPro’s environmental monitoring needs will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. • PowerPro is replacing the current waste treatment plant and equipment with new facilities and technology at four domestic power plants next year. Prior to completing the design and starting the construction, PowerPro has contracted with EnviroAid to perform soil, water and air quality monitoring at the existing and new facility sites. • PowerPro has always been a tough and detailed negotiator on contract price and performance. Business Development did their best, but sold this project with narrower than desired margin in the initial forecast. The negotiation process required a detailed level of discussion between PowerPro and EnviroAid, so Sandra Williams believes that the project is generally well scoped and should be predictable to execute. Contract History The bid defense meeting with PowerPro was successful and the project was awarded to EnviroAid three months ago. This project has been delayed twice since this is a new technology and the client had some setbacks – but PowerPro is now ready to begin, and wants everything to be completed as quickly as possible. PowerPro has identified four sites for monitoring. The contract assumes the following process: • Early in the project, P&R surveyors will be on site to confirm plant layouts. P&R regulatory specialists will work with the client to create the monitoring protocol and to complete permits and applications. • EnviroAid Environmental engineers will be on site to monitor the activity and test and take custody of soil and water samples at the proposed construction site. This requires highly skilled environmental professionals to assure compliance and oversee appropriate sampling. • Data from samples is sent to EnviroAid’s data group for evaluation and analysis • Once randomized controlled sampling of the process data is captured by EnviroAid and analyzed, final detailed design of the new waste system can begin. The total duration of the project is projected to be 13 months. There is a strong incentive to finish on time to be able to maximize the construction window. In fact, there is a 5% bonus/ penalty clause in the contract which will be invoked if the final report is six weeks or more late or early. © 2018 Insight Experience, Inc. 7 Developed for PAREXEL.