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Business Acumen for Project Management Simulation Team Perspectives You made initial calls to the key team members for the work, and gathered their insights about the project. “I’m always delighted when we sell more work to our clients, but for your information we are very busy in these locations right now. Using our staff effectively will be really important for all projects. I’m encouraging all leaders throughout the business to think bigger picture about how best to deploy our talent on new and existing work.” “Thanks for leading this work. These initial weeks are critical to project success. What you do now sets the trajectory for the entire project. Make sure you are clear and specific in your work with PowerPro. You have to be disciplined in how you manage this project to deliver the target results. I’m counting on you.” “PowerPro can be demanding- and this project will support installation of new, never-used-before technology. We won this bid because they know our talent and they know we will be responsive to their needs. We have set a precedent of being able to be accommodating to changes in projects in the past, and I hope this will be no different. Having a satisfied customer on every project we deliver is the key to selling more work.” “I do have concerns based on what I know about these sites. Several of them may take more time to permit than we expect, but we will give it our best shot. I hope we have some buffer in our forecasts if things delay. Some of these regulatory deadlines are out of our hands.” © 2018 Insight Experience, Inc. 10 Developed for PAREXEL.

Project A Challenge: PowerPro Site Monitoring Project A Situation Assessment As you take on the role of Project Leader for the PowerPro Monitoring Project, consider the following questions: What are the strengths you can draw on as you begin this project work? What concerns do you have about this project and your objectives? - What would you consider to determine how important this project is to the financial performance of the Domestic Monitoring Group and EnviroAid? © 2018 Insight Experience, Inc. 11 Developed for PAREXEL.

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