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Business Acumen for Project Management Simulation Team Perspectives “On my good days I remind myself this is the first time they have done this and we all have to work together to make the process more effective. On my bad days, I am miserable. Xorra is working on a new technology for production which is uncertain and drives a steady stream of changing requirements. On top of that, they are short staffed and disorganized, they make difficult work even more challenging. Their people are seldom where they are supposed to be.” “Here are the facts: we are behind in schedule and margin has deteriorated. We can’t seem to get any change orders executed—not because we haven’t tried, but because they don’t have the right person on their side to talk to us. They have ongoing churn in their roles as a startup— so each person we work with is new to the project. We submit change orders and then they just sit. Apparently anything over $1500 has to be signed off by the President of Xorra. In recent months, we’ve just stopped trying.” “I hope it goes without saying that Xorra is an important project for us. We have a reputation as only being a good fit for big established companies. The opportunity in the emerging technology space is to work with these smaller startups. Having Xorra as a positive reference is a great step to having them as a partner. We should think carefully before we push back or take tough stands that might make them view us as difficult to work with.” “The truth is scheduling on this project is almost impossible. Xorra’s fragmented production schedule means they don’t always notify us when they are in operation and they keep changing the timeline as they do process adjustments. Just to illustrate, I missed updating my schedule document last week because of another urgent request. In the end, that was totally fine because I would have reworked it all again this week with all the change information I received. We are buffeted from one request to another from this client and we keep saying yes. As a result, our forecast is always inaccurate. I do the best I can.” © 2018 Insight Experience, Inc. 16 Developed for PAREXEL.

Project B Challenge: Xorra Biotech Process Monitoring “Monitoring and the data capture on this project is challenging—their production equipment is frequently down when we show up so the visit is wasted. Even when they are running, we have to track down a senior person at their facility to sign off on our visit before our monitoring engineers can leave. In addition, this is a new process with new by-product output so it is tough for our staff, which is very young, to handle. We can’t just drop resources into this work and expect them to understand what they need to do. Getting resources up to speed is taking much longer than we thought it would.” “Our last PL didn’t push back on the client; she just kept track of all the problems we have. I’m hoping you can make a difference here. This is really interesting and important work, but because this project is so poorly run, it’s not fun work to do. Everyone is always behind and irritated. I just focus on getting the samples and trying to improve our data quality. That’s what I can control and the rest is just frustrating noise.” © 2018 Insight Experience, Inc. 17 Developed for PAREXEL.

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