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INDUSTRY LEADING TECHNOLOGY Continually embracing and incorporating new technologies into our delivery method is core to our central mission of providing high-quality design, construction, and installation services to our clients. From the use of tablets and mobile applications in the field, to our plasma pipe cutting station and submerged arc/MIG welding machines, we’re committed to investing in emerging technology-based solutions that help us to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. Building Clash Free Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process by which we create 3D models of new and existing building systems that we then use to support decision-making on design and installation processes. Navigating digital representations helps us to achieve clash-free installations in the field on even the most complex projects. As the industry moves towards BIM, communication among architecture, engineering, and construction teams becomes seamless. Page 9

Laser room scanning and point cloud creation technology allows us to create 3D models of existing conditions which are used to design new systems with unprecedented accuracy and precision. 401-727-3500 Page 10

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