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HWRK Magazine: Issue 03 - Spring 2018

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PART 1: THE DIET RULES TO EAT BY o k, let’s get rid of the first three letters here: DIE. Most people who go on diets DIE not eating or eating tree bark or some other disgusting food with chemicals in it. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Not so much. So, what are we supposed to do if we want to look good on the beach? The answer is quite simple. One of the best plans I’ve ever seen and I personally have been on for over 10 years is what is called a rotating taxonomy diet. It’s really simple and if we were still roaming the plains like our ancestors we would still be eating this way. If you look at most Asian cultures they tend to follow the seasons. They eat what is available at that time of year. Asian medicine is almost 3,000 years old. Food, exercise and breathing can all help heal the body and keep it healthy. You were not meant to be overweight. It’s society, chemicals in foods, processed food, and eating on schedule that’s caused us to become obese. Plus, we are more stressed out than our ancestors. We’re not in any danger of being eaten by wolves or sabre-toothed tigers. Yet we have these little pocket devices we constantly have to check. Believe it or not stress and fight or flight hormones cause more weight gain then actually eating. Now that we understand that we can do something about it. Here are my recommendations for dropping pounds and keeping it off. 1 BREAKFAST Just like a fire that dies down at night you will need to throw another log on it to get it going. In the morning it’s the same thing with your metabolism. People will squawk and say, “I’m not hungry in the am.” That’s because your biggest meal was at 8pm at night. You need to reverse it. 2 ROTATE YOUR FOOD If you have eggs and toast for breakfast why not have that for dinner instead? Better yet, how about having that turkey dinner for breakfast. You’ll be less hungry at night. You will see me plenty of times have buffalo burgers for breakfast with veggies. Why not? 3 VEGGIES ROCK Veggies have close-to-no calories and you need the vitamins and minerals daily. Now your vitamin and mineral needs will change daily as well. This is why a rotating diet is the best. It keeps your metabolism on its toes and it’s not boring! 28 // HWRK MAGAZINE // Spring 2018 hwrkmagazine @hwrk_magazine

BIG List 4 HAPPY BALANCE Eating an even amount of carbs and protein is essential. This keeps your blood sugar on an even level and causes you not to overeat or overindulge. TODAY’S MENU Here’s a simple rotating meal plan Breakfast 2 turkey burgers 1 yellow pepper 1/2 sweet potato Cup of tea Mid-morning Apple slices with peanut butter Glass of water Lunch 3–4 egg whites Spinach and tomatoes 1/2 serving of oatmeal Water or a cup of tea 5 H20 ON TAP Water, water, water. In order to shift weight it’s imperative you hydrate. If you don’t hydrate your body can’t process and function optimally. Mid-day (if needed) Protein shake with coconut milk and strawberries Dinner Grilled or baked chicken Green salad Brown rice Water COACH KEARNS SAYS: “There is no reason you can’t flip-flop this menu around. The key is to mix it up, manage portion control, exercise daily and mindset.” 6 KNOW YOUR FRUIT Low glycemic fruits are the best, unless after a workout. Berries, apples, pears and alike are low in sugar. Melons, bananas, citrus are high in sugar. Directly after a workout your cells are screaming for sugar. Well, better to give it to them then. HWRKMAGAZINE.CO.UK Spring 2018 // HWRK MAGAZINE // 29