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HWRK Magazine: Issue 03 - Spring 2018

HWRK Magazine

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08 // HWRK MAGAZINE // Spring 2018 EXPAND YOUR MIND ONE SUBJECT AT A TIME The virtual reality be worth almost £10 billion in (VR) revolution in 2017. education may not Mastering the technology quite have landed in before it arrives is going to UK state schools just yet, but prove incredibly valuable for make no mistake it’s coming educators nationwide. Contact and so it’s time to get ahead of your school administrator or the curve. local council to find out about Virtual and augmented teacher-led courses now reality technologies are at the sweeping the UK. frontier of social development 5 EdTech classroom allies, and the market was thought to see page 13 LANGUAGES HISTORY TECHNOLOGY PE COLUMNIST hwrkmagazine @hwrk_magazine HWWAGAZINE.CO.UK 32 // HWRK MAGAZINE // Spring 2018 Spring 2018 // HWRK MAGAZINE // 2 1 26 // HWRK MAGAZINE // Spring 2018 WORDS: KEVIN KEARNS hwrkmagazine @hwrk_magazine HWRKMAGAZINE.CO.UK Spring 2018 // HWRK MAGAZINE // 33 hwrkmagazine @hwrk_magazine HWRKMAGAZINE.CO.UK Spring 2018 // HWRK MAGAZINE // 27 eing taught science subjects outdoors increases student motivation. Shocker! A study involving over 300 students concluded that offering more outdoor instruction at the lower secondary level improves learning. Professors at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) spent two years on the study (seriously) proving something every teacher on the planet could have confirmed inside two minutes, before publishing it in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. So if you’re having trouble getting the head to sign off your next class excursion pull this study out of the hat and put the principle in their place once and for all. If you’re looking for ideas on teaching in the great outdoors, check out our feature in Page 68. in association with HWRKMAGAZINE.CO.UK Spring 2018 // HWRK MAGAZINE // 65 in association with ith every school budget every school in the country right now tighter than ever – funding is that of the business manager, who per pupil remains lower than must beg, borrow and steal to ensure 2015 levels – it’s now more important every penny counts in the classroom. than ever to stretch budgets as far as Procurement is key to maximising Tips on making the most possible. your school budget and we’ve got the of your education budget One of the most crucial roles of lowdown on Page 60. less to save you pounds where it really matters in your future outside of school HWRKMAGAZINE.CO.UK Spring 2018 // HWRK MAGAZINE // 57 HWRKMAGAZINE.CO.UK // INSIDE THIS ISSUE P08 LESSON IDEAS & ADVICE Embrace the future BIG Inteview Climbing the ladder of success In just five years Richard Corner has gone from NQT to assistant headmaster – read his fascinating story and pick up some handy tips to further your career WORDS: RICHARD CORNER P21 CLIMB THE CAREER LADDER P26 BRING ON SUMMER A complete guide to getting healthy and in shape in time for the holidays GET FIT FOR THE HOLIDAYS BIG List P57 SCHOOL BUDGET ADVICE Shopping for your school’s real future MAKING SMART CHOICES WITH YOUR FINANCES W 58 SPENDING 60 SAVING 62 INVESTING P32 DYSLEXIA TEACHING TIPS Teaching dyslexic students doesn’t have to be overwhelming, as long as you know what you’re doing WORDS: SUZZANNE MURRAY BIG Read P65 AL FRESCO TEACHING TAKING LEARNING OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM Boost grades with al fresco teaching B TEACHING IN KUALA LUMPUR • DISCOVER EDVENTURE • BULLIES OUT ARE HERE CONTENTS CURRICULUM ARTS HEALTH CAPITAL EXPERIENCE 11 LANGUAGES How a tipple could unlock your bilingual potential. 39 BIG DRAMA SHOW Why amateur dramatics is so important in schools. 48 NO MORE EXCUSES Half an hour before class? Here’s a quick workout. 57 PROCUREMENT Don’t waste your budget without going national. 65 AL FRESCO TEACHING The study proving outside learning really works. 12 HISTORY Making a case for history and its role in our future. 40 THE GALLERY Check out the best of one Primary’s exhibition art. 51 FOOD FOCUS The ideal packed lunch to ensure you’re at your best. 60 SPENDING 23 cost-effectve tips to save you time and money. 66 TEACHING OVERSEAS How life in Kuala Lumpur changed one couple forever. 14 TECHNOLOGY How to embrace EdTech to engage your next class. 42 SIGN OF THE TIMES Oscar winning 6-year-old on a mission for change. 52 BLOW AWAY STRESS Ancient Asian breathing exercises to KO anxiety. 61 SAVING From hotels, books and stationary to rail and lego. 68 EDVENTURE IS HERE The former PE master now teaching on the Lakes. 18 GUEST COLUMN Throw out the tables and chairs and get creative. 44 PRIMA BALLERINA The Scottish ballet queen closing in on her dream. 54 CHASING MEDALS The Preston teacher after Commonweath gold. 62 INVESTING Advice on how to venture into stocks and shares. 70 BULLIES OUT! Why we’ve teamed up with the anti-bullying charity. hwrkmagazine @hwrk_magazine Spring 2018 // HWRK MAGAZINE // 03