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HWRK Magazine: Issue 03 - Spring 2018

HWRK Magazine

SPENDING Money saving

SPENDING Money saving tips 23 cost effective ways to save your time and cash A lack of time and financial support on a national scale is threatening the quality of education in our classrooms. But don’t allow a decreasing budget to inhibit your drive for educating. Utilise these simple and proven moneysaving ideas to ensure your learning zone doesn’t feel the pinch. 1. Start the school year/term by asking parents for their emails or to join a class WhatsApp group, to save on paper letters. 2. Ask at your local newspaper for leftover newsprint for arts and drawing paper. 3. Cut back on meetings. Focus on what you want to achieve and devise actions to let you achieve those goals. 4. Swap and share with other teachers rather than buying duplicate supplies. 5. Check magazines and newspapers for coupons and free offers. 6. Invest in whiteboards for your classroom walls and wipe clean regularly to start learning over. 7. Save every type of grocery container – margarine tubs, coffee cans, jam jars etc. for storing games, craft supplies and stationary. 8. Don’t be afraid to ask parents to save things also, for art and science projects. 9. Check local media for travelling theatre groups and museum exhibits and don’t be afraid to ask for complimentary tickets. 58// HWRK MAGAZINE // Spring 2018 hwrkmagazine @hwrk_magazine

in association with 10. Use macaroni for cheap counters and art projects. 11. Ask supermarkets for used advertising displays — Valentine’s hearts, Easter bunnies and Christmas stuff – and chop up and save for seasonal bulletin boards. 12. Use the plastic popcorn from packaging for arts and craft projects or counters. 13. Ask students to bring any surplus games from home to use on rainy days. 14. Ask parents and students for used books to grow your classroom library. 15. Look for children’s books at car boot sales and add them to your classroom library. 16. Combine salt, flour and water to make cheap modelling dough. Store to reuse in airtight containers or bake to keep as class ornaments. 18. Check through the junk mail in the staff room as they often contain posters, maps or stickers. 19. Keep leftover activity sheets and reuse the backs for scratch paper. 20. Keep school computers switched on to avoid wasting time every lesson booting up. 21. Cut back on the number of emails you send and especially avoid the ‘cc’ action to free up your inbox. 22. Don’t purchase classroom supplies without going through your team leader or school business team. 23. Don’t forget, time and money are interchangeable. Spend time to save money. 17. If you buy treats for your class, purchase them in large quantities at discount stores. HWRKMAGAZINE.CO.UK Spring 2018 // HWRK MAGAZINE // 59