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DoD-Supply-NSN-FedMall-Catalog v.042018

Hardware Kits Part

Hardware Kits Part Number Description GMS7798K-1 Metal Blades GMS7798K-2 Sawzall Blades GMS7798K-3 Prep Discs GMS7798K-4 Drill Bits & Taps GMS7798K-5 Grinding Wheels GMS7798K-6 Sanding Discs GMH321B95 Slide Drawer Cabinet GMH30495 Slide Drawer Leg Stand GM0246 Dremel Tool Refer to Pg.44 for Refill Pack GMS7798RF:C_3G2C5 Part Number Description GMSG0007-1 Self Drilling Screw Assortment GMSG0007-2 Machine Screws GMSG0007-3 Metric Drawer Assortment GMSG0007-4 Cotter Pin Assortment GMSG0007-5 Cotter Pin Assortment GMSG0007-6 Cable Tie Assortment GMSG0007-7 Cable Tie Assortment GMSG0007-8 Rubber O-Ring Assortment GMSG0007-9 O-Ring Assortment GMSG0007-10 O-Ring Assortment GMSG0007-11 Nylon Ab Fitt Assortment GMSG0007-12 Nylon w/ Tool Elec. Wire Term Assortment GMSG0007-WA Primary Wire & Wire Rack Drawer GMH321B95 6 Drawer Slide Drawer Cabinet GMH30495 Slide Drawer Leg Stand Refer to Pg.44 for Refill Pack GMSG0007RF:C_3G2C5 12

Refer to Pg.45 for Refill Pack GMSH1000:C_3G2C5 Hardware Kits Refer to Pg.45 for Refill Pack GMSH2000:C_3G2C5 Refill Pack: Metric Pack Refill GMSH3000 13

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