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DoD-Supply-NSN-FedMall-Catalog v.042018

MN Products Part Number

MN Products Part Number GMSTNG145412PK GMSPKUDUF Description 14’ x 54’ x 12” Throw N Go Berm Pack Duffel Bag Spill Kit w/ Assorted Accessories Part Number GMSTNG366PK GMSPKUDUF Description 3x6x6 Throw N Go Berm Pack Duffel Bag Spill Kit w/ Assorted Accessories 42

Part Number Description GMSSAFETYBOARDDX GMS Safety Board, 8' x 4' GM87492 GMAGOG GM3301120 GM220111925 GM34761009 GMC25400151 GM778400351 GM458035071 GM1006662 GM6GLC2 GM5U605 GMG3891282 GMG0426702 GMG4054942 6'L Body Rescue Hook Clear Splash Goggles Ear Plugs Chemical Resistant Gloves First Aid Station Flame Retardant Bib Apron Industrial 6V Flash Light Rope, 50ft 30dB Noise Blocking Ear Muff SDS Binder Holder SDS Binder Fire Blanket & Bag Static Discharge Stick **Only in Deluxe Kit** Grounding Clamp **Only in Deluxe Kit** GMSE9099:C_3G2C5 DELUXE GMSE9099DX:C_3G2C5 MN Products Part Number GM87492 GM778400351 GMAGOG GM1006662 GMC25400151 GM220111925 GMG3891282 GM458035071 GM3301120 GM34761009 Description 6'L Body Rescue Hook Industrial 6V Flash Light Clear Splash Goggles 30dB Noise Blocking Ear Muff Flame Retardant Bib Apron Chemical Resistant Gloves Fire Blanket & Bag Rope, 50ft Ear Plugs First Aid Station 43

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