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DoD-Supply-NSN-FedMall-Catalog v.042018

GMS Part Number GMS Part

GMS Part Number GMS Part Name UOI Items / UOI GMSH2067 7/16-20 GR8 SAE Nylon Insert Lock Nut Y/Z EA 1 GMSH2040 7/16-20 X 1 GR8 SAE Hex Cap Screw Y/Z EA 1 GMSH2041 7/16-20 X 1-1/2 GR8 SAE Hex Cap Screw Y/Z EA 1 GMSH2042 7/16-20 X 2 GR8 SAE Hex Cap Screw Y/Z EA 1 GMSH2043 7/16-20 X 2-1/2 GR8 SAE Hex Cap Screw Y/Z EA 1 GMSH2044 7/16-20 X 3 GR8 SAE Hex Cap Screw Y/Z EA 1 GMSH2045 7/16-20 X 3-1/2 GR8 SAE Hex Cap Screw Y/Z EA 1 GMH832PS 8-32 Combo Round Head Machine Screw Assortment Mini Oger Pak EA 1 GMHFMDD832112 8-32 X 1 1/2 Phillips Flat Head Machine Screw Mini Oger Pak EA 1 GMA290PK 90 Gallon Flam Locker Pack KT 1 GMSPKU95 95 Gallon Over Pack, Universal KT 1 GMSSK20G Absorb This! 20 Gal Oil Only KT 1 GMSSK20GRF Absorb This! 20 Gal Oil SK Ref KT 1 GMSPKU50RF Absorb This! All Purpose Refill KT 1 GMS9098K Absorb This! Oil Only Pad Pack KT 1 GMSSK55G Absorb This! Oil Only Spill Kit KT 1 GMS2303 Absorb This! Oil Pads BX 100 GMSPKO50RF Absorb This! Oil Refill KT 1 GMS2302 Absorb This! Oil Rolls RO 1 GMS2301 Absorb This! Pads BX 100 GMS2300 Absorb This! Rolls RO 1 GMSPKU50 Absorb This! Spill Kit KT 1 GMSPKO50 Absorb This! Spill Kit Oil Only KT 1 GMS11055 Absorbent Pack 2 KT 1 GMS8003 Alcohol Free Hand Foam BX 6 GMS75-41 Al-Co-Sol EA 1 GMS14075G Almond Sand BX 4 GMS540A Alpine Green BX 6 GMH00579 Aluminum Solderless Compression Lug Oger Pak EA 1 GMS92502 Anti-Clog #1 Units BX 12 GMS92501 Anti-Clog #1 Units BX 24 GM503350 Aqua Lung Maui Mask EA 1 GMHT1429208 Araldite 2012 BX 12 GMS1202G Arrester BX 4 GMS1201A Arrester Aerosol BX 12 GM8054 Backpack EA 1 GM15216 Backpack EA 1 GMSG0003 Battery Cable Wire Pack KT 1 56

GMS Part Number GMS Part Name UOI Items / UOI GMSG1963 Battery Conex EA 1 GMSG0014 Battery Terminal Kit KT 1 STIF526138330L BDU Shorts EA 1 STIF526138330M BDU Shorts EA 1 STIF526138330S BDU Shorts EA 1 STIF526138330XL BDU Shorts EA 1 GMS1128A Blast Off BX 12 GMS2000A Blow-Off BX 12 GMS2103CN Boilermatch (CN) CN 1 GMS2103DR Boilermatch (DR) DR 1 GMS2104CN Boilermate (CN) CN 1 GMS2104DR Boilermate (DR) DR 1 GMH00466 Brass Pipe Fitting Oger Pak EA 1 GMS1132A Brite Work Aerosol BX 12 GMS1905 Brite Work Wipes BX 6 GMS1603Q Buff-It BX 12 GMS2010Q Bugzilla Killa BX 12 STI068COY Buttstock 30 Round Magazine Pouch EA 1 GMS1136K Carpet Remediation Kit KT 1 GMS2008A Choke-N-Hose BX 12 GMS1118A Clean John BX 12 GMS1136A Clean Shot BX 12 GMS1909 Clean Up Wipes BX 6 GMHA00034 Clear Seal Window Butt Connector Oger Pak EA 1 GMS1100A Clearview BX 12 GMS1100DR Clearview (DR) DR 1 GMS1203A Coat This! Black Aerosol BX 12 GMS1203CN Coat This! Black Bulk CN 1 GMH00469 Color Coded Connectors Oger Pak EA 1 GMH00414 Combination Wall & Lever Nut Oger Pak EA 1 GMSC4797 Company Supply Kit Refill KT 1 GMSC4796 Company Supply Kit! KT 1 GMSG0008 Complete Welding Pack KT 1 GM0235537 Compressor EA 1 GMH00338 Cool Seal Oger Pak EA 1 GM3213 Corrosion Inhibitive Sealant EA 1 GMS5102K Corrosion Kit KT 1 GMSCEB2NV48SNC Coverall Navy 48S EA 1 57

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