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DoD-Supply-NSN-FedMall-Catalog v.042018

GMS Part Number GMS Part

GMS Part Number GMS Part Name UOI Items / UOI GMSCEB2NV38LNC Coverall Navy 38L EA 1 GMSCEB2NV38RNC Coverall Navy 38R EA 1 GMSCEB2NV38SNC Coverall Navy 38S EA 1 GMSCEB2NV40LNC Coverall Navy 40L EA 1 GMSCEB2NV40RNC Coverall Navy 40R EA 1 GMSCEB2NV40SNC Coverall Navy 40S EA 1 GMSCEB2NV42LNC Coverall Navy 42L EA 1 GMSCEB2NV42RNC Coverall Navy 42R EA 1 GMSCEB2NV42SNC Coverall Navy 42S EA 1 GMSCEB2NV44LNC Coverall Navy 44L EA 1 GMSCEB2NV44RNC Coverall Navy 44R EA 1 GMSCEB2NV44SNC Coverall Navy 44S EA 1 GMSCEB2NV46LNC Coverall Navy 46L EA 1 GMSCEB2NV46RNC Coverall Navy 46R EA 1 GMSCEB2NV46SNC Coverall Navy 46S EA 1 GMSCEB2NV48LNC Coverall Navy 48L EA 1 GMSCEB2NV48RNC Coverall Navy 48R EA 1 GMSCEB2RD38LNC Coverall Red 38L EA 1 GMSCEB2RD38RNC Coverall Red 38R EA 1 GMSCEB2RD38SNC Coverall Red 38S EA 1 GMSCEB2RD40LNC Coverall Red 40L EA 1 GMSCEB2RD40RNC Coverall Red 40R EA 1 GMSCEB2RD40SNC Coverall Red 40S EA 1 GMSCEB2RD42LNC Coverall Red 42L EA 1 GMSCEB2RD42RNC Coverall Red 42R EA 1 GMSCEB2RD42SNC Coverall Red 42S EA 1 GMSCEB2RD44LNC Coverall Red 44L EA 1 GMSCEB2RD44RNC Coverall Red 44R EA 1 GMSCEB2RD44SNC Coverall Red 44S EA 1 GMSCEB2RD46LNC Coverall Red 46L EA 1 GMSCEB2RD46RNC Coverall Red 46R EA 1 GMSCEB2RD46SNC Coverall Red 46S EA 1 GMSCEB2RD48LNC Coverall Red 48L EA 1 GMSCEB2RD48RNC Coverall Red 48R EA 1 GMSCEB2RD48SNC Coverall Red 48S EA 1 GMS3005A Crack Killer BX 12 GMSH560 Crimper & Collets Pack KT 1 GMS1135GC Crusher Concentrate BX 4 58

GMS Part Number GMS Part Name UOI Items / UOI GMS7798K Custom Cutting Pack KT 1 GMS7798RF Custom Cutting Refill Pack KT 1 GMSGS002 De-Icer Pack KT 1 GMSD300 Deploy-able Battery Safety Pack KT 1 GMSD500 Deploy-able Electrical Pack KT 1 GMSD200 Deploy-able MRO Maintenance Pack KT 1 GMSD600 Deploy-able Safety Pack KT 1 GMSD400 Deploy-able Welding Pack KT 1 GMSD100 Deployment Pack 1 KT 1 GMSD100B Deployment Pack 1B KT 1 GMSG1962 Deployment Sanitation Pack KT 1 GMS1700CN Devour (CN) CN 1 GMS1077A Digital Camo Black BX 6 GMS1076A Digital Camo Coyote BX 6 GMS1074A Digital Camo Green BX 6 GMS1084A Digital Camo Green BX 6 GMS1080A Digital Camo Highland BX 6 GMS1081A Digital Camo Light Coyote BX 6 GMS1082A Digital Camo Sand BX 6 GMS1078A Digital Camo Tan BX 6 GMSE9095 Dilution Solution Quart Bottle BX 12 GMS1125Q Disappear BX 12 GMS2100CN Dispel (CN) CN 1 GMS2100DR Dispel (DR) DR 1 GMS11359 Disposable Motorpool Safety Pack KT 1 GMH00480 DOT 1/4" Tubing Quick Repair Oger Pak EA 1 GMH00492 DOT 3/8" Tubing Quick Repair Oger Pak EA 1 STI272COY Double Universal Rifle, Carbine, SMG Magazine Pouch EA 1 GMS1702Q Drain Driller BX 12 GMS2007CN Drizzle (CN) CN 1 GMS2007DR Drizzle (DR) DR 1 GMENP5300 Drum Dolly EA 1 GMGTOPPAD Drum Pads BX 1 GMH102527 Dual Wall Heat Shrink Oger Pak EA 1 GMS1944 Dual Wheel Dolly KT 1 GMSPKUDUF Duffel Bag Spill Kit EA 1 GMSPKUDUFOO Duffel Bag Spill Kit - Oil Only EA 1 GMS2313 Eco Suc It Up, 4-6 lb. Shaker BX 4 59

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