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DoD-Supply-NSN-FedMall-Catalog v.042018

GMS Part Number GMS Part

GMS Part Number GMS Part Name UOI Items / UOI GMS1912 Oger Wipes BX 6 GMSH100BK Oger Wrap, Black RO 1 GMSH100CL Oger Wrap, Clear RO 1 GMSH100GY Oger Wrap, Gray RO 1 GMSH100GR Oger Wrap, Green RO 1 GMSH100OR Oger Wrap, Orange RO 1 GMSH100RD Oger Wrap, Red RO 1 GMSH100WH Oger Wrap, White RO 1 GMSH100YW Oger Wrap, Yellow RO 1 GMSH100BL Oger Wrap, Blue RO 1 GMS1129CN Orange Blade (CN) CN 5 GMS1129DR Orange Blade (DR) DR 1 GMS1129Q Orange Blade (Q) BX 12 GMS1129A Orange Blade Aero BX 12 GMS1104A Orange-U-Glad BX 12 GMS1307A Organic Nutcracker BX 12 GMS1703 Pan Handler BX 36 GMS1704 Pan Handler Jr BX 72 STIPEL1600 Pelican Case w/ Foam EA 1 STIPEL1650 Pelican Case w/ Foam EA 1 GMH120825 Pen-A-Drive Screw Oger Pak EA 1 GMH121800 Performance Plus Connector Oger Pak EA 1 GMS2012 Pest Pump BX 12 GMH00506 Philips Pan Head SMS Oger Pak EA 1 GMH00709 Phillips Flat Head Machine Screw Oger Pak EA 1 GMH00710 Phillips Flat Head Sheet Metal Screw Oger Pak EA 1 GMH00703 Phillips Flat Head Wood Screw Oger Pak EA 1 GMH00708 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw Oger Pak EA 1 GMH00707 Phillips Round Head Machine Screw Oger Pak EA 1 GMS1102A Pinpoint BX 12 GMS1117A Pinpoint Hybrid BX 12 GMH00473 Plastic Anchor Oger Pak EA 1 GMS8007X24 Pocket Rocket Spray (24) BX 24 GMS8007X48 Pocket Rocket Spray (48) BX 48 GMSGS001 POL Dilution Pack KT 1 GMSG0002 POL Dilution Refill Pack 2 KT 1 GMSGS004 POL Latrine Maintenance Pack KT 1 GMSGS005 POL Latrine Refill Pack KT 1 66

GMS Part Number GMS Part Name UOI Items / UOI GMS7597K POL Maintenance Startup Pack KT 1 GMSG0001 POL-Deicer Pack 2 KT 1 GMS10006 Portable Wag Bag Pack KT 1 GM15781820 Pressure Washer EA 1 G3-411460 Pro Flex Snorkel (Black) EA 1 GMS1206CN Protect It (CN) CN 1 GMS1206G Protect It (G) BX 4 GMS1907 Protect Wipes BX 6 GMS1101A Punch Line BX 12 GMS3001 Quick Patch Ultra CN 1 GMH00455 Rapid Drive Wall Anchor Oger Pak EA 1 GMS1010A Red Iron Oxide Primer BX 12 GMS-7288R Red Shop towels BX 60 GMS1600A Remove BX 12 GMH00471 Ribs & Hooks Anchor Oger Pak EA 1 STIT1-TB-EDBCAD-812528 Riggers Belt EA 1 GMS3004 Rock Hard Aqua BX 12 GMS3002 Rock Hard Original BX 12 GMS3003 Rock Hard Steel BX 12 GMS1020G Ruskill Flat White BX 4 GMS1016G Ruskill Maintenance White BX 4 GMS1035G Ruskill National Blue BX 4 GMS1072G Ruskill Safety Red BX 4 GMS306A Rust Proof Black Aerosol BX 6 GMS319A Rust Proof Royal Blue Aerosol BX 6 GMS304A Rust Proof Safety Green Aerosol BX 6 GMS302A Rust Proof Safety Low Aerosol BX 6 GMS301A Rust Proof Safety Red Aerosol BX 6 GMS307A Rust Proof Safety White Aerosol BX 6 GMS1127Q Rust-ler BX 12 STI101M050 S2V Combat Boot PR 1 STI101M055 S2V Combat Boot PR 1 STI101M060 S2V Combat Boot PR 1 STI101M065 S2V Combat Boot PR 1 STI101M070 S2V Combat Boot PR 1 STI101M075 S2V Combat Boot PR 1 STI101M080 S2V Combat Boot PR 1 STI101M085 S2V Combat Boot PR 1 67

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