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DoD-Supply-NSN-FedMall-Catalog v.042018

GMS Part Number GMS Part

GMS Part Number GMS Part Name UOI Items / UOI GMS1609G Static Slap BX 4 GMS1205A Stay Charged BX 12 GMS1103A Stay Cool BX 12 GMS1103CN Stay Cool (CN) CN 1 GMS1103DR Stay Cool (DR) DR 1 GMS1508 Stick It! Threadlocker High BX 10 GMS1507 Stick It! Threadlocker Medium BX 10 GMS1500A Stick-Em-Up BX 12 GMS8493K Strap Down Pack KT 1 GMS1602 Strip This! (2.5 Gallon Container) EA 1 GMS1602DR Strip This! (DR) DR 1 GMS1404A Strip-r BX 12 GMS2307 Suc It Up 3" X 4' BX 30 GMS2308 Suc It Up 3" X 8' BX 15 GMS2305LB100 Suc It Up Absorbent EA 1 GMS2305LB Suc It Up Absorbent Shaker 1 Lb. BX 8 GMS2305 Suc It Up Absorbent Shaker Bottle BX 4 GMS2306 Suc It Up Acid Neutralizer CN 1 GMS2309 Suc It Up Pillows BX 10 GMS1122Q Super Natural Bowl Buster BX 12 GMS1122G Super Natural Bowl Buster (G) BX 4 GMS2003 Swat Bands EA 1 GMS7098 Swirl BX 12 GMS7099 Swish BX 12 GMH00751 Tap-It Anchor Oger Pak EA 1 GMHTK810 TEK Screw Assortment Mini Oger Pak EA 1 GMS2106CN Tempest (CN) CN 1 GMS2106DR Tempest (DR) DR 1 GMH00993 Term-A-Nut Oger Pak EA 1 GMH00989 Thin Wall Heat Shrink Oger Pak EA 1 GMS2101CN Thrive Chill (CN) CN 1 GMS2101DR Thrive Chill (DR) DR 1 GMS2102CN Thrive Hot (CN) CN 1 GMS2102DR Thrive Hot (DR) DR 1 GMSTNG145412PK Throw & Go Berm 14x54x12 Pack KT 1 GMS2105CN Tower Trooper (CN) CN 1 GMS2105DR Tower Trooper (DR) DR 1 GMS710A Traffic White BX 12 72

GMS720A Traffic Yellow BX 12 GM410302 TRE Full Foot Fins EA 1 GMSA4250 TVDK1 KT 1 GMSA4249 TVLK1 KT 1 GMSA4252 TVSK1 KT 1 GMSG0012 Unit Sanitation Pack 2 KT 1 GMS1705CN Uplift (CN) CN 1 GMS1112DR Uppercut DR 1 GMS7757K USS Pack KT 1 GMS11360 Utility Motorpool Safety Pack KT 1 GMS1116Q Vandal BX 12 GMS1900 Vandal Wipes BX 6 GMS1039 Vehicle Oil Maintenance Kit KT 1 GMS10005 Wag Bag Refill Pack KT 1 GMH00472 Wall Anchor Assortment Oger Pak EA 1 GMS1106DR Wash This! (DR) EA 1 GMS1106G Wash This! (G) BX 4 GMS2205 Wash Up! Bubblegum BX 4 GMS2203 Wash Up! Coco Breeze BX 4 GMS2203S Wash Up! Coco Breeze Flip Top BX 12 GMS2200E Wash Up! Dispenser EA 1 GMS2201 Wash Up! Gold Antiseptic Soap BX 12 GMS2204 Wash Up! Handfull BX 4 GMS2206 Wash Up! Main Squeeze BX 12 GMS2200 Wash Up! Pink Lotion BX 12 GMS2202 Wash Up! Tornado BX 4 GMS2202S Wash Up! Tornado Flip Top BX 12 GMS2202K Wash Up! Tornado Pack KT 1 GMS1601 Wax This! (2.5 Gallon Container) EA 1 GMS1601DR Wax This! (DR) DR 1 GMS2005A Wax-On BX 12 GMSG0009 Welding ReSupply Pack KT 1 GMS1200A Wheeldone BX 12 GMPKGQ2W White Round Quart Bottles EA 1 GMS1209A Woodpecker BX 12 GM925TXL X-Large Tactical Rappel Glove PR 1 GM925TXXL XX-Large Tactical Rappel Glove PR 1 GMS1208A Zinc About It BX 12 GMHWSAK Zinc EZ Wallboard Anchor Mini Oger Pak EA 1 73

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