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BLINK OF AN EYE SHORT FILM PROGRAMME SCI-FI-LONDON loves short film! We think short film is perfect for science fiction, it gives filmmakers the chance to play with ideas and high concepts without having to add drama for the sake of filling ninety minutes. We’ve watched hundreds of films and selected our favourites! We hope you can make it one of our shorts programmes at Stratford Picturehouse - see them on the big screen! THE REPLACEMENT BEST SHORT FILM 2018 THE REPLACEMENT (SHORTS 1) (Dir. Sean Miller. 17mins, 2017, United States.) Some days, don’t you think that in a parallel universe there must be a better version of you? Well, in this smart film, your clones can be better than you! On election night 2036, a janitor feels cheated out of a life he might have lived when his own clone becomes President. We loved this film. SHORT FILM TIMETABLE SHORTS 1 SHORTS 2 1 MAY 1.00PM 1 MAY 3.00PM 2 MAY 3.10PM 2 MAY 5.00PM 3 MAY 3.10PM 3 MAY 5.10PM SHORTS 3 2 MAY 1.00PM 3 MAY 1.00PM 4 MAY 1.00PM SHORTS 4 2 MAY 1.10PM 3 MAY 1.10PM 4 MAY 3.00PM SHORTS 5 2 MAY 3.00PM 3 MAY 3.00PM 5 MAY 11.00AM We also have selected shorts from the selection playing all day Friday and Saturday on the outdoor screen at Pitch. LOOK OUT FOR HEADSETS AROUND THE FESTIVAL SHOWING OUR VR SHORTS THE TRAIN HAMASEN 7DS THE ARGOS FILE TOXIC AVENGER DREAMS OF BLUE THE TRAIN HAMASEN. Kuan Yuan LAI (8mins, 2017, Taiwan) People waiting for a train to start a journey through time and space. 7DS. Axel Bonnot (4.5mins, 2017, France) Which deadly sin are you guilty of? THE ARGOS FILE. Josema Roig (3.5mins, 2017, USA) In 2029, 5.6 billion people have the Argos Mnemo Chip implanted. THE TOXIC AVENGER : HEART OF FARTNESS. Lloyd Kaufman (15mins, 2017, USA) Toxie has a major mid-life crisis and must travel to a mythical land. DREAMS OF BLUE. Valentina Paggiarin (12mins, 2017, Italy) What happens inside the “mind” of an Artificial Intelligence. THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASTIC FILM 1 — 7 MAY 2018 25

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