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KATRINA’S DREAM FRI 4 MAY 9.00PM STRATFORD PICTUREHOUSE Dir: Mirko Bischofberger, Dario Bichofberger Year: 2018 Language: French/ German/Italian. English Subtitles Runtime: 84 Country: Switzerland Katrina wants a child but her boyfriend Louis doesn’t. He is a an older man, a hedonist and doesn’t want to spoil the life he has. They split up and Katrina must look elsewhere, eventually pairing up with Louis’ friend Ron, who becomes the man of her life and they talk of raising a family, with Louis’ blessing. One night, in a drunken state, Ron and Louis leave a 50th birthday party and the two friends are involved in a car accident. Ron suffers severe injuries to his head, Louis his body. A nearby sanatorium helps recover the bodies and a new technique offers Katrina some hope; they can perform a head transplant; Louis’ head on Ron’s body. But what if both men survive, merge into one person? What will Katrina make of this new situation? A gentle and beautifully shot black comedy, Mary Shelley would have loved this! We are delighted to hold the world premiere of the film. WORLD PREMIERE DIRECTOR Q&A 4 THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASTIC FILM 1 — 7 MAY 2018

THE OUTER WILD The apocalypse came and went, the survivors are few and far between. Where some have banded together they still battle for power and use slavery to ‘better’ their lot. In one group, that forces young women to be breeders, Laura decides to escape her high-tech prison, but a bounty hunter, Cole, is sent after her. When she meets Cole, things change for them both and they must now face new threats together. They head across the wilderness to find a fabled sanctuary that can either save or destroy what’s left of humanity. Action packed, witty and surreal at times, this is the second feature by Philip, who had the brilliant Frankensteinesque SUBJECT TWO in the festival many years ago, which we screen as part of our Frankenstein Alldayer. This is the world premiere of THE OUTER WILD and Philip will join us to present the film. Love Mad Max, The 100, The Handmaid’s Tale? This is a fresh, succinct mash-up of all your favourite PA films. SAT 5 MAY 4.50PM STRATFORD PICTUREHOUSE Dir: Philip Chidel Year: 2018 Language: English Runtime: 84 Country: USA WORLD PREMIERE DIRECTOR Q&A THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASTIC FILM 1 — 7 MAY 2018 5

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