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New Rymax Lubricants Passenger Car brochures (2018)


RYMAX PASSENGER CAR PRODUCT LINE ENGINE OIL GOLD LINE Apollo C3 LL Apollo C1 SILVER LINE 5W/30 5W/30 Posidon XT Apollo FE Apollo (C2) C3 Apollo C4 Lubricant quality level Posidon XR 5W/30 0W/20 5W/30 5W/30 BRONZE LINE Posidon 0W/40 0W/30 5W/40 Helios XT 5W/30 5W/40 5W/20 Helios XR 15W/40 5W/40 10W/40 5W/30 Helios 10W/40 20W/50 5W/50 40 15W/40 10W/30 50 20W/50 10W/40 15W/40 20W/50 Performance level BRONZE LINE: TRADITIONAL TECHNOLOGY This segment of products is mainly aimed at older cars and light vehicles requiring old specifications and that cannot use modern engine oil technology. This line of products offers mineral and a few semi-synthetic blends for traditional passenger cars. The products can be used for gasoline and diesel engines. SILVER LINE: MODERN TECHNOLOGY This line of products is designed for the most modern passenger cars, diesel and gasoline, without aftertreatment devices. It comprises mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic products with different performance levels. The products are formulated to deliver long service life and to provide maximum protection of the engine GOLD LINE: LONG LASTING TECHNOLOGY The latest passenger cars require different oils, with special additive technology,contains less SAPS which are compatible with after-treatment devices (ACEA C Sequences). Our Gold line answers the needs of these vehicles by providing an extensive product line including products with extended drain intervals and fuel economy products. 16 | CAR | Rymax Lubricants

QUALITY In order to build a sustainable brand we pay the highest attention to our processes and quality systems. Our ISO-9001 certification ensures smooth production and logistic operations and constant surveillance of our quality procedures. Our lubricants are formulated from European base oils and the highest class additives only. We have an in-house laboratory with the latest equipment to test our products, before being filled, in order to meet our quality standards. All of our lubricants are packed in first class packing materials to ensure optimal product presentation all around the world. APPROVALS Rymax Lubricants is approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. ISO CERTIFICATE Rymax Lubricants | CAR | 17

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