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New Rymax Lubricants Passenger Car brochures (2018)

18 | CAR |

18 | CAR | Rymax Lubricants

HIGHLIGHTED PRODUCTS A selection of our products. APOLLO C3 LL APOLLO C3 LL SAE 5W/30 FULL SYNTHETIC LONG LIFE ENGINE OIL Long Life Performance Lower Fuel Consumption Optimal Engine Protection SPECIFICATIONS ACEA C3 VW 504.00/507.00 MB 229.51 1L ℮ X0220 This is one of our long life synthetic engine oils, suitable for use in gasoline, LPG- and diesel engines, with and without turbo, and also those equipped with an aftertreatment system (diesel particle filter for Euro IV). Apollo C3 LL is developed specially for passenger cars and vans manufactured by the VAGgroup (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda) and is suitable for extended drain intervals, up until 30.000 km for gasoline and 50.000 km for diesel engines. Apollo C3 LL is part of our Gold Line consisting of products with extended drain intervals and fuel economy products. POSIDON POSIDON SAE 10W/30 SEMI SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL Gasoline, LPG & Diesel SPECIFICATIONS API SL/CF ACEA A3/B4 MB 229.1 1L ℮ X0416 Our line of semi and full synthetic technology engine oils for modern gasolineand diesel engines. The Posidon line of products meets the performance level API SL/CF and API SN/CF And the OEM requirements of the passenger car manufacturers like Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes Benz). Posidon has been specially formulated to deliver long service life and to provide maximum protection of the engine to ensure rated engine power and torque. Available in 5 different viscosity levels. Next to the Posidon also Posidon XR and Posidon XT are now available meeting more/other specific OEM requirements. HELIOS XR HELIOS XR SAE 20W/50 MULTI GRADE ENGINE OIL Cars & Trucks SPECIFICATIONS API SG/CF-4 VW 501.00/505.00 MB 228.1 1L ℮ X0204 The most popular under the older engine oils. Suitable for the lubrication of mixed fleets, from gasoline or LPG fueled passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (turbocharged diesel engines). Available in 15W/40,in SAE 20W/50 for warmer conditions and in SAE 10W/40 (semi synthetic) with a longer drain interval. Helios XR meets API SG/CF-4, next to Helios XR we have the Helios with lower API level and Helios XT meeting API SL/CF. Rymax Lubricants | CAR | 19

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