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New Rymax Lubricants Passenger Car brochures (2018)


HOW TO READ OUR LABEL 1 2 3 4 COLOUR Represents the category of the product. Orange – Passenger Car engine oils Red – Gear oils and Automatic Transmission Fluids Grey – Truck engine oils Brown – Agriculture oils Green – Motorcycle / Scooter engine oils Blue - Marine oils TYPE OF OIL QUALITY The color represents the quality level. Platinum line – Racing technology Gold line – Long lasting technology Silver line – Modern technology Bronze line – Traditional technology PRODUCT NAME Represents the commercial name of the product. GRADE Represents the viscosity grade of the product. APOLLO C3 LL SAE 5W/30 FULL SYNTHETIC LONG LIFE ENGINE OIL Long Life Performance Lower Fuel Consumption Optimal Engine Protection SPECIFICATIONS ACEA C3 VW 504.00/507.00 MB 229.51 1L ℮ X0220 5 6 7 8 SUBTITLE Represents the type of oil. ICON Represents the product category with important features of the oil. SPECIFICATIONS Represents the specifications of the product. QUANTITY Represents the quantity inside the canister. 24 | CAR | Rymax Lubricants

Rymax Lubricants | CAR | 25

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