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team name to by April 12th to register. and is limited. Space 12TH ANNUAL STUDENT CHALLENGE BOWL PRESENTED BY THE DENVER GEOPHYSICAL SOCIETY AND SOCIETY FOR EXPLORATION GEOPHYSICISTS THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 2018 SCHLUMBERGER OFFICES 1675 BROADWAY, DENVER NETWORKING HOUR AT 4:00 PM – DINNER PROVIDED! CHALLENGE BOWL STARTS AT 5:00 PM Teams of two students from Universities or Colleges are invited to compete in the Student Challenge Bowl! Students compete in fast-paced multiple choice Q&A about geophysics and geology and win funding towards travel to the 2018 SEG Conference in Anaheim, CA. Send name, email, school, discipline, and degree level for each student

12, 2018 FROM 11:30 - 1:00 PM APRIL GRILL, WRIGHT ROOM APPALOOSA the crustal stress field, its origins, Understanding its spatial variations are key to numerous and academic, and hazard-related industrial, Over the past decade, advances in applications. seismic networks and increases in nationwide rates in several parts of midplate earthquake America have provided a nearly 10-fold North in coseismic stress indicators. Using growth new constraints, this lecture will integrate these results of several recent studies to argue for the causal link among crustal structure (and a history), stress, and both natural and tectonic induced seismicity. This proposed potentially implies that intraplate stress and connection may be focused by local factors rather strain controlled by processes at distant plate than to view the expanded Visit and register for the event. abstract DGS TECHNICAL LUNCHEONS 2018 SPONSORED BY: ARE accidentally After up for a geology signing during the first class of college and semester getting thoroughly then Will graduated hooked, cum laude from summa University in Princeton and earned a PhD 2007 geophysics from the in of Colorado in University From 2014 until 2014. he was a 2017, fellow at postdoctoral USGS Hazards the Center in Science working on Golden models of prospective rates in the seismicity and eastern US. central he is a visiting Currently, of Geology at professor College. Will’s Colorado ranges from research lithospheric imaging to seismic structure studies and source He lives in attenuation. with his wife, 1.5 Boulder and two dogs. children, APRIL TECHNICAL LUNCHEON A REVISED SEISMOTECTONIC VIEW OF COLORADO AND THE CENTRAL U.S. 535 16TH STREET, DENVER, CO ABSTRACT BIOGRAPHY boundaries.