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Morgan Brown (MB), Damon

Morgan Brown (MB), Damon Parker (DP), Kyrie Encinas, Nick Grenfell (NG), Jamey Present: (JT), Mathew Romero (MR), Cam Coleman (CC), Kelsey Kidd (KK) Turner Report – Matt Romero Treasurer December financials under review as well as 2018 budget - some profit losses not on the Jan spreadsheet, will hit in Feb - Advertising mistake fixed, $6600.00 - Report Office Membership – Renewed memberships YTD; 368, 5 this month - Last year: 800 by the end of the year 2017 - Advertising – 2 business card ads, 0 display ads, 0 website ads - Analytics: website views 20,023 - Logins: 96 - Budget Symposium - sponsor dollars-deadline 2/16 •$3300.00 ppl registered, last year only 52 by this time •129 paid exhibitors, last year only 15 •18 sponsorship by getting Exhibitors names out •Additional from just platinum, gold, silver: FFN wants to pay to be in the full page •Changing in the abstract book add back and ask other exhibitors to see if they want full page add, 3000 page, 1500 •Go page-take list of sponsors and exhibitors-split up between board members to half out reach 2/16 sponsors will be shown on website and email •Starting the day before- board members help 2-4 •Pre-registration right now, event paid for, 20000 more coming in!! •57000 registration adds $50 •Late DISK - out talk, decide if this is something that is interesting enough-Cam •Figure spearhead Kurt M •March-June- General - help-someone to maintain the website- •Website Internship benefits-come to all of the events • Ray our accountant might retire, start looking for a replacement • Golf Tournament - 10000 golf sponsorship at least • Double shotgun-(am-pm) approved • Someone sponsor a bus to-from Denver • 5000-marketing • MINUTES OF THE DGS EXECUTIVE MEETING THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2018 The meeting came to order at ~ 1:30 P.M. - Membership renewals at the 3DSS • Matt-Jamie spearhead

Holiday Lunch - Ellie Caulkins-save money, less expensive then brown palace • $32/person~ at Ellie Caulkins • $52/person~ at brown palace • Best proposal-what you get out of it • Morgan and Kelsey spearhead (cam on board as well) • Turn it into a gala or sorts • Portion of proceeds going to ….what? • Gala - NOGO • Monthly luncheon - Buying projector? Save some money • Happy Hour - Item list for sponsorship • July 12th • April 1st deadline- EVERY BOARD MEMBER COME UP WITH 3 RAFFEL • 300-700 $ • Baseball Game - Food drink @ tavern two years ago- charged $45 per person • Cost us100$ a person, we need sponsorship to make money-80 max people • Include buffet, and a drink ticket • Scott- Matt and Kelsey go talk to him • Hockey Game?/ idea - Maybe • Student Challenge Bowl - April 5th • College sponsors? • Free venue or a lot of sponsors • Talks Jamie 7 talks - Discounted membership to academia? - Kelsey talk to Kristen about talks from CU - Help Kyrie Admin help - Website help - Temp services? - Nov-Feb the board focused on the luncheons this year? - Jamie do announcements - MINUTES CONTINUED • Kelsey spearhead - Create SharePoint for budgets/sponsorship reach out/ calendar - Come up with a list of things that the board can help with