9 months ago

CAT877 RING Towing 12pp A4 UnPriced Alt Lores

4 Electrical A0005 12N

4 Electrical A0005 12N Socket Metal (with Fog cut out) A0008 12N Socket Plastic A0022 12S Socket Metal A0028 12S Socket Plastic A0006 12N 7 Pin Plug Metal A0013 12N 7 Pin Plug Plastic A0023 12S 7 Pin Plug Metal A0029 12S 7 Pin Plug Plastic A0012 12N Socket Plastic (with Fog cut out) A0032 13 Pin Socket (with seal) A0035 13 Pin / 7 Pin Socket Adaptor A0042 240V 16 Amp Mains Coupler A0018 12N 7 Pin Trailing Socket A0033 13 Pin Plug Plastic A0036 13 Pin / 7 Pin Plug Adaptor A0043 240V 16 Amp Mains Plug A0038 13 Pin / 12N/S Socket Adaptor RCT120N 12N Coiled Cable Kit RCT120S 12S Coiled Cable Kit A0039 13 Pin / 12N/S Plug Adaptor BCT849 13 Core 10m Cable (8x1.5mm, 5x2.5mm) Ring Automotive Limited

Electrical 5 RSA390 12N Socket Assembly (with Fog cut out) RSA395 12N Socket Assembly (with Relay) RSA175 12N Single Socket Assembly RCT100 12N Socket Kit (with RAudible Relay) RSA490 12N/S Socket Assembly RSA495 12N/S Socket Assembly (with Relay) RSA500 13 Pin Socket Assembly (with Fog cut out) RSA505 13 Pin Socket Assembly (with Relay) RCT360 12S Split Charge Relay (for use when charging a leisure battery) RCT380 12N Audible Warning Sensor (rear fit) RCT401 12V LED Lamp Load Device RCT402 24V LED Lamp Load Device RCT465 12S Smart Combi Relay Controls charging of the auxillary battery RCT485 12N Smart Logic Relay Controls trailer lighting without interfering with the vehicle lights RCT760 Socket Seal Kit (c/w bolts) RCT770 2 Metre 12N 7 Core Cable (with connectors) RCT1630 240V 16 Amp UK Mains Adaptor RCT1650 Mains Extension 10m RCT1660 Mains Extension 25m