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e a fat bride and now I

e a fat bride and now I just did not want to look like a Behenji (Hindi word use for uncool, unfashionable housewife sort of women). 10 Overcoming Challenges I started off with 5 am walks and climbing stairs (20 floors) but that did not last long. Sometimes due to sleepless nights with a one year old and sometimes my daughter would wake up and get cranky just as I would be getting ready to step out of the house. Then like every other desperate woman I attempted fad diets. Every night after my daughter slept I would find a new diet to experiment but that would last max of 4 days and then I would go crazy just at the sight of food. Sometimes even worse some fad diets made me feel giddy and I would immediately munch on biscuits or chocolate for a fear of fainting and not having anyone besides my 1 year old daughter. Frustrated, depressed, angry and cranky I finally broke down to my husband one day and told him how I was beginning to hate myself and even more when someone looking at my dull face and shabby desi wear asked me if I was the nanny of my daughter. My daughter at that point of time could not bear to have me out of her sight so gym, fitness classes, slimming centers basically anything and everything where my daughter could not be with me was not an option. Keeping this in mind my husband suggested to walk at Ibn Batuta mall which was 10 minutes from my house with my daughter. Initially the idea of going with my daughter sounded very revolting as she had not yet started walking nor would sit in the stroller as it terrified her but I gave in as there was no other alternate. Every day at around 8 pm my husband would return from work drop me and my daughter to the mall where I walked carrying a 15 month toddler weighing around 8 kg in a carrier for almost 2 hours and then when the shops would start to close we would be picked up. In 6 months by September 2016 I had dropped 6 kilos only by walking at the Ibn Batuta mall with absolutely no diet restriction. From 87 to 81 kgs in 6 months without any diet was definitely a biggie for me. Happy and motivated I thought to myself if I could lose 6 kilos by just carrying my child in the carrier and walking at the mall may be if I altered my diet I might be able to fit into my favorite clothes at least by my 31 birthday in Jan 2017. Live Long | March 2018

After a few failed attempts of no sugar and low carb at night I decided to try portion control wherein I ate everything but in limited quantity and early dinner at 6 pm. My Dietary Changes ☛☛ Breakfast 9.30 am - one slice toasted brown bread instead of 2 with 1 tbs peanut butter topped with half banana sliced and a few sprinkles of flax and chia seeds or 1 slice toasted brown bread with 2 eggs ☛☛ Cardamom tea with milk and 1 tsp brown sugar ☛☛ Lunch at 1 pm - 1/2 cup rice instead of 1 with non veg curry, salad and buttermilk ☛☛ Snack at 4 pm - handful of nuts with again cardamom milk and tsp brown sugar ☛☛ Dinner at 6 pm - 1/2 cup rice instead of 1 with non veg curry, salad and buttermilk Cheat Days Instead of 1 cheat day I treated myself on 2 days Friday and Saturday reason being when I tried one cheat day I went crazy with food from breakfast to dinner which often lead to a restart. Having 2 cheat days kept me in control wherein I just had a cheat meal on both days that too during the first half of the day. Mostly it would be a pastry or an ice cream. By Jan 2017 on my 31st birthday I was over the moon weighing 77 kgs, size 18 and finally wearing a pretty top from my favorite store. As my daughter turned 2 and started walking I stopped waiting for my husband to drop and pick me from the mall instead I braved the walk with my toddler to and from the mall also by myself. Now I started leaving to mall immediately after my dinner at 6 pm. This gave me not just more time to walk at the mall but I also started to enjoy browsing 11 Live Long | March 2018

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