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I am a 28 year old

I am a 28 year old working mother of two kids. I don’t have trouble falling asleep but I wake up after several hours and then can’t go back to sleep. Is this insomnia? Can you suggest some helpful tips for having a better night’s sleep? Hello young lady, Insomnia is a sleep disorder that includes several types of sleep problems. People with insomnia may experience difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, waking up too early or consistently feeling tired upon waking. The primary information that I would like to bring into your notice is that Insomnia is not a disease by itself, but it’s a symptom of some other problem like stress, anxiety, depression, or certain other physical ailments. So diagnosis plays a much significant role than treatment in this case. We have to diagnose it aptly and then only procedd to the treatment. The classification of your present situation as Insomnia can be done only after knowing in detail the duration and intensity of your condition. Please consult a physician to do an assessment or get in touch with our panel to answer some questions to shed more light in this regard. As for your question regarding tips for having better sleep, please feel free to try out the tips noted below: ☛ Establish a bedtime routine that allows you to wind down and prepare for sleep. ☛ Include regular exercise or physical activity as part of your daily routine but avoid exercising close to bedtime. ☛ Don’t have caffeine, tobacco or alcohol close to bedtime. ☛ Get up at the same time every morning, including weekends and holidays. ☛ Lavender has been proven to promote healthy sleep patterns. So try applying cream, soaps or powders with Lavender fragrance before you hit the bed. ☛ Listen to soothing music to distress yourself before sleep if you are a music lover. There are many sleep inducing instrumental music available in YouTube and other online sites for listening online. Hope you got your answer. In case you have any further questions in this regard. Do get back to us. 14 Sindhu Nandakumar Founder Trustee & Executive Life Coach @Svaastika Live Long | March 2018

I along with my family recently relocated to new country. After the move I find lot of difference in my wife behaviour. She is always low and less interested in anything around the place. My son is quite happy with his new school and I find my wife only to be grumpy. She even says that the bad omens in the house is trying to influence her and are responsible for her erratic behaviour. What should I do? Kindly help. Moving can either be exciting or an unwelcoming event in someone’s life. From what you have stated, it is clear that you have recently relocated to a new country and you and your son are excited about the move, but not your wife. Moving is one of the top stressors and your wife is under emotional stress. Sometimes even with planned transitions like moving to a new country/out of family or home, people can struggle with the feelings of the reality of these changes. Your wife might be feeling low because of the grief of separation from a known place, fear of the new unknown place etc. The effect of change – the trauma/pain is felt and displayed physically by your wife by being grumpy/gloomy or unreasonable behaviours. Some people ‘get over’ their grief/loss quite quickly and some may struggle to ‘get back to normal’ for many months extending beyond a year too. Your support and with few coping strategies she can return back to normal state of mind. But if grief sticks around a lot longer than it should or in destructive ways, kindly visit a counsellor near your place. Some coping strategies: 1 Make your wife understand all good things that can happen because of this move. Or you can request her to prepare a list of all good things that she can see in her life which includes you and your son’s activities- new people she has met, new experiences she has come across etc. This will make her realise that this life is also better. 2 Take help from your family and friends. Let your family members know that your wife is feeling overwhelmed by the move and that you need their help to bring her to normal state of mind. By regular touch with her loved ones, she might feel that she has not lost everything with this move. 3 Take time and get yourself and your wife introduced to your neighbours. You and your son already have the opportunity to make new friends outside. But for your wife you need to create that opportunity. Try to go on for regular walks in your neighbourhood or a gym routine can serve as a way to make new friends. Help each other discover the new place. 4 Try to establish new routines for her. Do not try to enrol her in any class to keep her occupied. Try to understand what she loves to do and encourage her to do it. If she is more pious take her to religious gathering places or to any mutual-interest clubs that provide immediate opportunities to connect with new people. 5 Be patient, Do not be judgemental about her behaviour. Encourage her to embrace the new future and look forward to the wonderful things yet to come in her life. Best wishes for your new endeavour! Vijayalakshmi Venkat Student Counsellor Solution Focused Brief Therapist Life Coach@Svaastika 15 Live Long | March 2018

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