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From the Editor’s Desk

From the Editor’s Desk Welcome to the first edition of our Health magazine! Good health is a valuable asset and caring for it should be our number one priority – everything else will follow. Improving your knowledge on healthy living is a need of the hour. It is beneficial not just for yourself but the environment around us. Live Long is combo of wonderful pieces of information and experiences from doctors to normal citizens on healthcare. photos Designed by Freepik We hope you enjoy and benefit from this digest. Good health to you – God bless! Videos Copyright by YouTube Magazine design Muthukumar Selvaraj Editor Abidha Basheer Abidha Basheer Chief editor Sindhu Nandakumar Publishing house

Contents 14 Mindspa 9 17 6 19 4 WATCH Your Mind Fostering Mental Health and Wellness in People Over Forty Years Unique Way to Weight Loss! Oil Pulling Fun Health Facts 21 Fascinating Body Facts 3 Live Long | March 2018

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