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The number-one magazine for learning and teaching English! No.150 Travel English 12 useful words and expressions to use on a business lunch. Cinema Places that have become famous from films! Business English How to become an eBay millionaire! Economics How maths can help the economy! FREE audio files with accents from all over the English-speaking world! Q u e e n i t z • y K r a v • L e n n M a r v i n G a y e • D r a k e • B a k e r 8 useful phrasal verbs from • K e l l y C l a r k s o n Learn Songs • A v r i l L a v i g n e • C o u n t C h e t • i n g C r o w s Selfies 12 different types of selfies! Politics Scottish independence! I S S N 1 5 7 7 7 8 9 8 00150 9 771577 789001 I S S N 1 5 7 7 7 8 9 8 00150 9 771577 789001 Plus… phrasal verbs, grammar, idioms, vocabulary, useful expressions… and much, much more.