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Track 30: englishman &

Track 30: englishman & US man Story Time Jokes, anecdotes and stories as told by native English speakers. Next Next month in Learn Hot English, air travel, third conditionals, movie quotes, GM food, popcorn, wearable technology, fashion, fun exercise, organised crime, the Dutch English accent, body language, rain, phrasal verbs, idioms, grammar, useful vocabulary... and lots, lots more! Directors Hot Staff Managing Director Thorley Russell (00 34 91 543 3573) Editorial Director Andy Coney (00 34 91 543 3573) Finance Financial Director Leigh Dante (00 34 91 549 8523) Classes Department (00 34 91 455 0273) The skeleton A: I say, I say, I say. What’s a skeleton’s favourite instrument? B: I don’t know. What is a skeleton’s favourite instrument? A: The trom-bone. Desperate measures Mr Michaels is in the living room reading the paper when his son Tim comes running in. “Dad, dad, can I have another glass of water, please?” “OK,” says Mr Michaels as he gets up off his armchair, “but it’s the 10 th one you’ve had in an hour.” “I know,” says little Tim, “but my bed is still on fire.” Jack is on a cruise liner What is Hot English? Desert island enjoying the view when the ship sails past a tiny island. From where he’s standing, Jack can see a bearded man on the island waving his hands and shouting desperately. “Who’s that?” Jack asks the captain, who is standing next to him. And the cruise ship captain replies, “I have no idea. But every year we pass the island, he goes nuts.” eBay Bob and Mike are chatting in a bar. “Have you ever sold anything on eBay?” asks Bob. “No,” replies Mike. “Well, you should. You can make a fortune,” Bob explains. “Really, how’s that then?” asks Mike. “Well, just last month, I managed to sell my homing pigeon 8 times!” GLOSSARY i wish i was back in the office! a trombone n a large musical instrument of the brass family with two long tubes that you push backwards and forwards to play different notes an armchair n a big comfortable chair which has a support on each side for your arms a cruise liner n a large ship. You can travel on it, stopping off at different places or countries bearded adj with a beard – hair on the lower part of the face to wave vb to move your hand from side to side as a way of signalling to someone to go nuts exp inform to go crazy; to become very angry or nervous a homing pigeon n a pigeon that can find its way home from a long distance away A monthly magazine for improving your English. Real English in genuine contexts. Slang. British English. Practical language. US English. Fun and easy-to-read. Helpful glossaries. Useful expressions. Readers from 16 to 105 years old. From pre-intermediate to advanced (CEF levels A2-C1). Ready-to-use lessons. Fantastic 60-minute audio CD. Teacher’s Notes. Linked to the Skills Booklets and part of the Hot English Method. Great website with free material: All the English you’ll ever need! Director of Studies Rocío Herrero Accounts manager Rocío Herrero Administration Department Subscriptions (9:30-13:00) Subscriptions & office manager Jose Lobo (tel / fax) (00 34 91 549 8523) Skype: hotenglishgroup Credit control and administration 9:00 - 2pm (by e-mail thereafter) Office hours 10am to 6pm (Spanish time) Barcelona office (Hot English) Seville office (Hot English) Editorial Department Laura Broadbent assistant editor Philip McIvor designer Mary Jones writer Steve Brown writer Christine Saunders writer Lorna Booth writer Contributors Blanca San Roman translation Magnus Coney proof reading Marcie Lambert proof reading Natalia T. Piekarowicz proof reading Laurent Guiard French depart. Peter Barton proof reading Josh Saxon proof reading Christian Olijve intern Kelly Pyzik intern Vanessa Simmonds writer Petra Bates writer Slim Pickens special intern Nick Hargreaves writer Printing Printerman Audio Production HEP CD Production HEP ISSN 1577-7898 Depósito Legal M.14277.2001 November 2014 Published by Hot English Publishing, S.L. Paseo de Extremadura, 21, Oficina 1A, Madrid 28011, Spain Phone: (00 34) 91 549 8523 Fax: (00 34) 672 317 912 Skype: hotenglishgroup French material by Hot English: Magazine images: 46 / / For great private language classes, e-mail

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