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My diary- Alexandra Ionica

My vacation

Day 3 On April 2 nd I

Day 3 On April 2 nd I was at the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest to take the admission guide for the specialization I want to follow, physical therapy. I was glad I could get into the yard and see a little on campus, especially the big sports field in the middle of the courtyard. Everything is clean and there are many trees nearby and it really looks like you can be close to nature, even if you are near the center of Bucharest. Honestly, I really want to start the academic year. :)

Day 4 The week before Easter we cleaned the house but also in the yard. I had a little time planting a flower I had in a pot in my room. Now, after almost a week since I put it in the ground, the flower still has the power to show the sparkle everyday to the sun. It is very small and cute and I always see it when I walk into the house.

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