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EXCLUSIVE FOR DPS PARTICIPANTS EXCLUSIVE FOR DPS PARTICIPANTS | NOT FOR PUBLIC CIRCULATION how CAF America & CAF Canada can help CAF America and CAF Canada can provide international giving solutions to your diaspora group. IF YOU’RE A DONOR IN THE US OR CANADA: Donor Advised Funds (CAF America) Establishing a Donor Advised Fund is a convenient and simple way for you to support and manage global philanthropic initiatives. A donor advised fund is designed to support ongoing giving which requires fund management services, including activity statements and online account access. Establishing a DAF also makes it easy to pool gifts from multiple donors to support a common cause. CAF America also offers donors the option to set up an Invested Donor Advised Fund. With an Invested DAF, you may recommend investment allocations based on your grantmaking time horizon. Many individuals and families establish DAFs at CAF America because it is much easier and less costly than establishing a private foundation. A DAF can be established the same day an establishing contribution is received—compared to the considerable time and expense that can be required to establish a private foundation and obtain tax-exempt status from the IRS. International Project Funds (CAF Canada) CAF Canada works to change the culture of giving by helping donors make strategic and focused philanthropic decisions which have a lasting impact on the needs of the communities they want to support. In pursuit of this vision, CAF Canada has established partnerships with a diverse set of charitable organizations worldwide. CAF Canada works closely with these organizations to implement and oversee specific projects that are consistent with our charitable objects, broadly described as poverty relief, the advancement of education, health promotion, medical research and animal welfare. The International Project Fund (IPF) is designed to enable Canadian donors to support these projects by giving in a safe, secure and tax-effective manner. DIASPORA PHILANTHROPY | PAGE 21 Donor Advised Gifts Donor advised gifts (DAGs) are the perfect solution for U.S. donors who want to give globally without establishing a DAFat CAF America. DAGs enable all types of U.S. donors, including individuals, foundations, and corporations, to make single donations as desired. With DAGs donors make a single tax-effective gift to CAF America and recommend that the funds be further granted to the foreign charitable organization of their choosing. CAF America can also recommend a charity that fits a donor’s interests and philanthropic goals.

IF YOU’RE A RECIPIENT ORGANIZATION IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY: Friends Funds If you are a charitable organization located outside of the United States and are looking for a way to increase your support from American or Canadian donors, we have a cost-effective option for you: a Friends Fund. Friends Funds at CAF America or CAF Canada are much simpler and less costly than establishing a separate public charity in the United States or Canada; furthermore, there is no requirement to manage a board or staff, and no government registration, governance, tax, or audit requirement. Your organization does, however, need to be eligible with CAF America or CAF Canada. Any foreign charitable organization that is already eligible with CAF America or CAF Canada is welcome to open a Friends Fund. You can choose any name for your Fund and rely on our reputation to assure donors of the security of their gifts. Upon establishing a Fund, you are establishing a relationship with our experienced staff. Please contact CAF America at or call us at (202) 793-2232. Please contact CAF Canada at or call us at (416) 362-2261. DIASPORA PHILANTHROPY | PAGE 22