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Publisher Final Project

Program Requirements

Program Requirements uccessful Completion of Grade 12 (with a S minimum of Communications 12 and any grade 11 math or equivalent). For mature student status, see note 1 below. Completion of a keyboarding proficiency assessment with a minimum speed of 20 net words per minute, or permission from the department I n addition to general admission requirements, specific program requirements or course prerequisites must be met in order to qualify for admission. Students are advised to review specific program requirements at the time of application. Check the calendar for specific program entrance requirements 2

Applied Business Technology L earn a skill-set that is in high demand. As technology evolves, the skill to maintain and optimize becomes more and more important. You will learn a wide variety of technical skills including Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, manual and computerized bookkeeping, desktop publishing, and office clerical skills. Y our professional image, communication, and interpersonal skills will be developed through lectures and labs. 3

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