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Publisher Final Project

Courses Semester 1: ABTA

Courses Semester 1: ABTA 073 - Financial Records ABTE 074 - Business Communications I ABTH 072 - Personal/Professional Development ABTW 043 - Word Processing ABTW 073 - Microcomputer Applications I Semester 2: ABTT 050 - Keyboard Skill Development ABTA 078 - Computerized Bookkeeping ABTE 075 - Business Communications II ABTP 076 - Office Simulations ABTV 072 - Work Experience ABTW 074 - Microcomputer Applications II ABTW - 076 Desktop Publishing You can apply at the college for the ABT Applied Business Technology Program today. Deadline: June 29,2018 6

Testimonials “The ABTA Program has given me the opportunity to make some lifelong friends, heat stroke and the ability to be a competitive applicant in future job opportunities”— Phoenix Mackenzie Rea “Through this program I have acquires various skills, the confidence to apply them, professionalism and memories to last a lifetime”— Susanne Hutnyk “I have enjoyed taking this program. It has given me a skill set I am confident in utilizing for any future endeavors. The amazing staff and students were son encouraging and have made this program even better than I expected”— Kialha Peters 7

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