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For Max Sullivan Maisel

For Max Sullivan Maisel 1994 - 2015 There is some reality that is much larger and more complex than we are able to perceive. (And yet) Poets perceive multiple dimensions within a single perception – reality as it truly is. “When two systems interact and their energies intermingle – once the systems separate, something of each remains in the other, leaving the two connected within the quantum realm.”* nsm *Kandiah,Krish. Paradoxology.2015.

Particles Unobserved Winter white-on-white obscures the hesitant horizon where earth and sky and lake dissolve Shadow children move in single file in and out and in-between the silhouettes of guardian trees Summer laughter sweeps the swings against the pillowed mounds of snow while halfway to belief a solitary frozen flag is trembling in a minor key Danger! Ice is dressed to lure you in nsm 2/20/15