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6.10 Analyzing and

6.10 Analyzing and documenting observations Analysis of observation data is similar to that of interviews and focus groups. Organize and prepare data Use codes and labels Connect data to topics / identify new topics Create summary narrative Determine further action Image/icon Image/icon Image/icon Image/icon Image/icon Audio: In order to analyze the data collected from observations, instructional designers should follow a similar approach to that followed for interviews and focus groups. Again, organizing and preparing your data is the first step. Transcribe responses, gather notes and other material such as footage from which you could obtain useful information. Codes or labels can also be useful in order to categorize your data. Compare your data and look for connections. If your data come from a structured observation try to identify those information that are related to the topics that concern you. With data from unstructured observations make comparisons to identify topics and broader themes that can be generated from your data. Once you’ve identified broader themes in your data create a summary narrative to present your conclusions. If possible, include footage, such as photos or screenshots, and examples that could add some color when presenting your results. Like survey and interview analysis results, getting the most out of your data will help you have a more clear view of the current situation that will determined you next steps. 14

6.11 Case Study: FVC observations data analysis results In the Fulton Vocational School case, the following parts of the summary narrative used to present the results from the analysis of the observation data. • Summary Narrative Part 1 • Summary Narrative Part 2 OUTPUT GOES HERE Both teachers managed to perform every task successfully. However, there was a difference in time of completion between them as one of the teachers was struggling with the navigation in DiscoverWeb. Summary narrative part 1 Example: When teacher A was asked to download a document uploaded by a student he was randomly selecting tabs in the platform until he found the right options to select. Summary narrative part 2 Moreover, both teachers preferred to use emails as means of communication rather than the other options offered by DiscoverWeb, such as forums and wall-posts. As they both mentioned, they were not familiar with the use of these tools and they would prefer to stick to those means that they know how to use better. Audio: Let’s see a part of the summary narrative that was used to present the results from the analysis of the observation data. Click on each link to learn more about each narrative part. 15