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6.14 Case Study: FVC

6.14 Case Study: FVC recommended solutions Examples of training and non-training solutions: Example of training solution Example of non-training solutions Design training program after which the teaching personnel of Fulton Vocational School will: - be fluent with the use of Learning Management Systems (e.g.DiscoverWeb) - have advanced knowledge of eLearning authoring tools - be able to cast web lectures - be able to design appropriate material for online instruction - Invest in equipment that can be used for production of appropriate learning material. - Buy more authoring tool licenses. - Hire specialist to help with the set up of distance education department in the school. - Buy a more user-friendly Learning Management System. Audio: Let’s see some brief examples of possible training and non-training solutions from the Fulton Vocational School case. Click on each link to learn more. 18

6.15 The analysis report Next step: Report the results Image / icon of a document • Detailed roadmap to solution recommendations • Includes: - Project overview - Results from data analysis - Advise for training and non-training solutions - Constrains Analysis Report Audio: The next step for the instructional designer is to report the results. It is necessary to present your findings in a structured manner. A best practice for this is to summarize your results in an analysis report. The analysis report is a detailed roadmap for your solution recommendations. This report will include information about the project overview, the results of the data analysis, advice for developing the most effective solutions to your stakeholders’ needs and constraints to that need to be considered. 19