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110 The Principles of

110 The Principles of Beautiful Web Design Figure 3.30. Ubiquitous texture in the Banger's Restaurant website Earlier in the chapter, I explained that geometric shapes are the norm on the Web, but they have a very mechanical feel. Without the textures to give this an aged, super-worn feel, this site would lose most of its nostalgic personality. The basic shapes are enhanced with texture, and grit. Handcrafted Scrapbook Another interesting reaction to—or perhaps more a variant of—the wicked worn look has been a rise in handcrafted designs that look more like a page from a personal journal or scrapbook than a website. A cool example of this look is the site for Needle in Figure 3.31. Figure 3.31. Intentional imperfection on the Needle site

Texture 111 This site certainly falls into the wicked worn style family, but there’s a fixation here on making it feel handcrafted. Notice that most of the rectangular elements on the page have either been rotated or cut on diagonals. This intentional imperfection makes these blocks feel like they were cut out by hand with a pair of scissors. The same is true for photo in the main content area. It's all been carefully cropped, and a white border has been added around the image to make it feel like hastily made collage from a Polaroid. It’s a great look for a site that aims to make fashion fun and casual. Another beautiful example of the handcrafted scrapbook style is the site for Marie Catrib’s 14 restaurant in Figure 3.32. Rather than relying on happy-go-lucky scissor work to create a handcrafted aesthetic, Marie Catrib’s uses a torn-paper texture, big images, and lots of hand-drawn text as decorative elements. The result is a free-spirited, playful look that highlights this gourmet restaurant’s artistic personality. Figure 3.32. Marie Catrib’s: playful but sophisticated 14

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