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4 Chapter Typography

4 Chapter Typography Let’s face it: the core purpose of all web design is communication. Whether we’re talking about an online retail store, a web presence for a Fortune 500 company, or a profile for a social networking site, typography is a vital component of your message. For most people, typography is simply about arranging a familiar set of shapes to make words, sentences, and paragraphs. But, ironically, having the ability to set type with only a few mouse clicks or strokes on a keyboard has allowed us to forget about the creative and artistic possibilities of this medium. There are numerous obstacles to the effective customization of typography for the Web—and I’ll address these in the coming pages—but the power of type should be motivation enough to push the proverbial envelope. Unconvinced? Pick up a magazine, turn on a television, or take a walk through a grocery store. You will undoubtedly see hundreds of creative and effective uses of type. It’s the substance of branding, the key to unspoken communication, and an essential piece of the web design pie. This Topic May Be Addictive! After studying typography for some time, you’ll never look at a billboard, brochure, or book the same way again. You might start snapping pictures of ride signage at theme parks, rather than your kids. Pondering whether the entrées in a restaurant menu are set in Cantoria or Meyer Two may become more interesting than choosing between the entrées themselves. The study of typography is one that draws many people in... and never lets them go! Consider yourself warned. In order to unlock the potential of type, we must first understand it. Admittedly, this is no easy task. The minute details of letterforms and the spaces around them have been carefully calculated

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