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154 The Principles of

154 The Principles of Beautiful Web Design Figure 4.34. KRG home page design We will take a look at the final details of the KRG site later. First, we need to learn about imagery: where to find it, what to look for, and how to make it rock your client’s socks off.

5 Chapter Imagery From layout, to color, to texture, to type, I’ve been talking about imagery since the beginning of this book. So why should there be a chapter dedicated to imagery alone, right at the end? As with typography, there are many practical concerns related to imagery—including file-type choices, image resolution, and photography sources—that we need to cover. But, naturally, there are also artistic aspects to this topic, and these deserve some detailed discussion. The process of choosing photographic, iconic, and illustrative Figure 5.1. The Camera Eye elements for a website design requires a basic understanding of the design principles I covered in the first few chapters. Take Figure 5.1, for instance. I wanted to use an image of a camera at the top of this page as an iconic representation of the subject. However, when I was looking for a suitable picture, my decision was based more on the angle of the image than the type of camera pictured. The direction that the camera faces in this picture greatly affects the sense of movement in this page. If the camera were facing straight ahead, the page would look just fine, but it would feel static. If it were facing off to the right, your eye would gravitate off the page rather than into the content. This phenomenon is due to the rules of emphasis that I talked about in Chapter 1. The placement of the camera at the top of this page helps to ensure it will be noticed. Isolating the image makes it stand out even more as a focal point. Finally, the direction of the lens creates a line of continuance that determines the next focal point of the page. By the end of this chapter, you’ll understand these concepts, and know how to apply them to your own designs.

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