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160 The Principles of

160 The Principles of Beautiful Web Design Figure 5.6. The Ferocious Designzillas Website Occasionally, the do-it-yourself method doesn’t work out for me. The illustration work the client needs might be outside my skill set, or it may be too complex for me to feel confident taking it on. If it’s a particular photo the client wants, I might lack access to the subject, or the quality of the image they need may be beyond the capabilities of my equipment. In those cases, my first instinct and the next best option is to turn to stock photography and illustrations. Stock Photography If you’re short on the time or ability to create or commission your own images, chances are that you’ll find what you’re looking for in a stock photo archive. These photo archives, or image banks, consist of photographs and illustrations that are created for general use, rather than a specific client or project. For a licensing fee (or sometimes for free), you can select any of these images for use in your project. Finding the right images and photos for a design project can be a difficult task, depending on the subject matter and your budget. If your project requires pictures of animals, scenic vacation destinations, office supplies, or some random inanimate object, then you’re likely to find what you’re looking for easily. Every stock photo archive has these types of subjects well covered. Finding photos of people—like the girl with the unnaturally blue eyes and curiously long sleeves on the Brochure Ninjas 6 site in Figure 5.7—can be a little trickier; most stock photo sites require that the photographer submit a signed model release for any image that includes a person’s face. 6

Imagery 161 Figure 5.7. Photos of people, like this one at Brochure Ninjas, can be more expensive For this reason, you should expect to pay for good-quality pictures of people. Finally, if you need pictures of a product logo, current celebrity, or famous work of art, you have some work to do. Even though you may be able to find these sorts of images easily on search engines, using them for a professional project will likely require a very detailed licensing agreement. Always Look for Image Usage Guidelines Even if an image is restriction-free, you should ensure that your use of the image falls within the guidelines of the site’s image licensing agreement. The guidelines for each stock photography source differs, so be sure you know what these are before you start looking for images. Some galleries even restrict their images to personal and non-profit use. The next question you must answer before you begin your quest for the perfect stock image is: how much are you willing to pay? The price of using a single stock photograph can range from zero to hundreds of dollars. As you can probably imagine, the average quality of free images is dramatically lower than those for which you’d pay. Free images can still be worth your while, though; you just might have to wade through a bunch of crummy pictures before you find what you’re after. The same goes for expensive images. Just because you’re willing to pay $500 for a single photo, there’s no guarantee you’ll receive a Ferrari instead of an early ’90s Chrysler minivan with faux wood paneling. No matter what the licensing price of an image is, it all boils down to finding what you’re

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