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166 The Principles of

166 The Principles of Beautiful Web Design Figure 5.11. TinEye search results for a popular iStockPhoto image While shelling out extra money for rights-managed photography may help your clients to avoid this type of scenario, there’s no real guarantee of exclusivity. If you need to, the best option is to have photos taken professionally. Getting Professional Help If you plan to hire a professional photographer to do your dirty work, be sure to find one who has experience with commercial photography and the type of shots you’re looking for. That excellent photographer that captured your brother-in-law’s tears at your cousin’s wedding, for instance, may be great at portraiture and event shots, but might know nothing about architectural or product photography. The best way to find a good commercial photographer is by word of mouth. If you know of other companies that have hired a professional photographer, ask about who they use on a regular basis, and their experience. If you don’t have any references you can ask, try starting with a local professional association. If you’re in the US, the American Photographic Artists website 17 is a great place to start. Many of the photographers listed in the APA database have biographies and portfolios that can give you a good idea of their capabilities. 17

Imagery 167 To have an accurate handle on the costs, be very specific when writing a request for proposal. Be sure to include the details of each shot you need. State where you’d like to have the pictures taken if they’re going to be done outside the photographer’s studio, and be ready (with models, locations, wardrobes, and so on) to take all the pictures on the same day if possible. Most professional photographers charge by the day or half-day. Daily rates can vary quite a bit, depending on the market and the photographer’s experience, but they can range from just under one thousand to several thousand dollars. Another aspect to take into consideration is the photographer’s copyright and usage guidelines. Many photographers will grant full ownership of the original photographs to your client upon payment. Some will require credit if the work is used in a commercial publication. A few photographers may require that they retain exclusive rights to the pictures they take, and they’ll charge per use of the photos. You should try to negotiate full ownership and usage permissions whenever possible, but keep in mind that this type of contract may cost more. If it’s a professional illustrator you’d like to hire, another resource to look into is Hire an illustrator! 18 This industry index hosts over 300 artists, and makes it easy to find the person for the job by name, style, medium, or location. As with hiring a photographer, though, the best way to find the person for the job is often by word of mouth. In the past, I’ve helped organize a web conference here in Columbia, South Carolina called Converge SE. 19 I credit a lot of the success and personality of past years' events to the older version of the site that had illustrations of the bizarre “convergent creatures” (like Sharktopus, seen on the home page on Figure 5.12) that were drawn by Giovanni DiFeterici. Figure 5.12. The Converge SE site, featuring Sharktopus I’ve had the opportunity to meet Giovanni and many other local designers, developers, photographers, animators, videographers, and more at local user group meetups. If you live in or near a big city, 18 19

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