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82 The Principles of

82 The Principles of Beautiful Web Design Application: Choosing a Color Scheme Knoxville Reflexology Group's old site, shown in Figure 2.40, seemed very feminine in nature. KRG's services applied to men and women, and it was feared that the lavender color scheme didn't appeal to both sexes. KRG needed to appeal to both men and women, which meant that the entire color scheme needed to be reworked. Figure 2.40. The old site Looking back at the old version of the site, it really had no direction or branding. The goal was to develop the site into a place for visitors to go, not only to find out information, but to buy products, book appointments, and learn about the different services that the company provides. It would also be a promotional resource for their business, through articles, list building, and strong branding. Once the purpose was established a direction needed to be taken with the overall branding of the site. They had developed a somewhat professional logo, but it was just plastered on the old site, and the branding wasn’t carried throughout. I put together a mood board that illustrates the different types of things associated with this type of industry, shown in Figure 2.41. These images are thoughts, textures, and inspiration that may be used to gauge the taste of your client. Carrie loved the color of the logo, but wanted it refined and also wanted the site to carry this color throughout the design.

Color 83 Figure 2.41. A mood board of Knoxville Reflexology As you look through the elements of the image above, you’ll notice that there is a wide variety of colors, textures, and typography. I presented the mood board to her to find out the types of images and styles that she liked, and we moved forward from there. I used the logo, as well as colors taken from the images that I presented to her to create the color scheme for the site. The color scheme I presented is shown in Figure 2.42. Carrie was pleased with it, because she wanted rich, organic appeal, while avoiding the stereotypical feminine colors that you would expect from a business that deals with massage therapy. She was adamant that men used her products and services, too. It was important that the focus was on natural remedies, life, relaxation and pain relief. Blues and greens convey a sense of calm and life. Blues also give the sense of cleanliness and refreshment.

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