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Keto Quick Start

A six step quick start guide to eating a ketogenic diet for weight loss.


Getting Started Step 5: Start Tracking Calories After the first two weeks, you will want to start tracking your calorie intake. Keto alone is not a weight loss plan. You still need to take in fewer calories than you burn. By now, you may have already lost some weight. This is generally excess water your body has been retaining. However, don’t dismiss it. You are heading in the right direction. Just don’t expect to always be losing at the same rate. Some weeks you will lose a few pounds, some weeks you may go up a pound or two. Especially for women, this is an issue. Our menstrual cycles cause water retention and hormonal disarray. Don’t panic. It will pass. Chances are, you will end your cycle weighing at least a little less than before it began. The same app you are using to track your carbs will track your calories and other macros. Now, strive to stay at or under your calorie macro on a daily basis. Doing so will further encourage your body to tap into your fat stores for energy. As your weight drops, you will want to adjust your macros. It is recommended to do so at every 10-20 pounds lost. As we get smaller, our calorie needs change. If you don’t update your macros, you can find yourself stuck at the same weight because you are inadvertently taking in too many calories. Spend the next week getting accustomed to tracking your calories. Then move on to the next step.

Getting Started Step 6: Track Your Protein You should be getting the hang of tracking your food by now. The next thing to pay close attention to is your protein intake. Contrary to what you may read in many places online, too much protein will not affect your ketosis. You would need to more than double your macro in order for it to be a concern. And, if you are staying within your calories, odds are you won’t be doubling your protein. However, it is extremely important to meet your protein macro every day if possible. Even if you only meet the lower end of the suggested range. Protein is necessary to help maintain your lean muscle mass. Loss of muscle is not something you want. If you struggle to hit your protein macro, you can find protein powders or drinks to help. Just watch the carb content on them. Another reason to hit that macro is that it will give your body what it needs if you are exercising. Muscles need protein to repair themselves and to grow. If you are staying within your carb and calorie limits and hitting your protein macro each day, your fat macro will take care of itself. Generally, you only need to increase your fat intake if you are struggling with hunger. Otherwise, let your body consume the stored fat you want to get rid of.

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