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Keto Quick Start

A six step quick start guide to eating a ketogenic diet for weight loss.

Introduction to the

Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet It seems like keto is all the rage these days. But there is a great deal of misinformation out there about what exactly the ketogenic diet is and how to adhere to it. Simply put, it is a diet of low carbohydrates, moderate protein and high fat. That last part scares some people, but it will all make sense in a moment. More and more research is showing that fat does not make us fat. In fact, the primary culprit of our obesity epidemic is sugar. Not fat. “But I don’t eat sweets.” Sugar isn’t always found in sweets. It is anything that your body turns into glucose during the digestion and absorption process. In a word, carbohydrates. This includes: • Bread • Potatoes (and most root vegetables) • Pasta • Grains • Candy • Fruit Each of these foods contains varying amounts of carbohydrates, which your body converts into glucose (sugar) during digestion. In a healthy person who is at their ideal weight and fitness level, this glucose supplies energy that they then burn off. However, as we become a more sedentary society, we consume more and more sugar, but burn less and less of the resulting glucose. When we don’t burn off the glucose within a certain amount of time, our body, rather than get rid of that extra sugar, stores it as fat. Historically, this allowed our ancestors to have energy reserves for when food was scarce. Today,

especially if you are able to be online reading this, chances are you rarely, if ever, go hungry. “But fruit is good for you! And grains are the biggest part of the food pyramid!” Today’s fruits do not resemble the ones our ancestors ate. They have been bred and modified over generations to be little more than sugar bombs. You can get all of the very same nutrients from vegetables, without the sugar. As for the food pyramid, follow the money. Poke around and see who had a vested interest in the layout of that pyramid, as well as the change in overall health and obesity on a national level since its implementation. When you ingest a high carbohydrate diet, your body releases a lot of insulin to help process that sugar. This puts a lot of strain on your pancreas, potentially causing Type 2 diabetes and other health issues. Also, when you consume a lot of sugar, you get blood sugar spikes. And as you come down off of those spikes, you again feel hungry, tired and maybe even cranky. Eating ketogenically stops that. By strictly limiting your carbohydrate intake, you reduce the stress on your pancreas (and other organs), and force the body to begin burning your stored fat for energy instead. Ketones, the form that energy from fat takes, are a far more efficient fuel for your body and brain. The ketogenic diet has been shown to: • Aid weight loss • Stabilize blood sugar • Balance hormones • Lower A1C levels • Boost energy • Increase mental clarity • And more. So, how do you get started? In this guide are six steps that will put you on the right path.

Keto 101
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