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Keto Quick Start

A six step quick start guide to eating a ketogenic diet for weight loss.


Getting Started Step 1: Find Your Why This may seem like an odd first step, but it is vital to your success. Weight loss is not a linear process. You will experience ups and downs, stalls and plateaus, no matter what method you use to lose. Without a solid why, it is easy to lose confidence and give up. So, start by finding your why. Find the core reason that you are doing this. What, beyond losing weight, drives you to eat better, get healthy and have more energy? Perhaps you want to be able to play with your children? Or, you want a longer, healthier life to spend with loved ones. Maybe you lost someone to diabetes complications and don’t want to suffer the same fate. Dig down and figure out that one big reason that will keep you going on the hard days. Write it down where you can look at it often. Journal about it. Whatever it takes. Your why will be that beacon of light you can keep in sight when all around you is dark. It can overcome many of the stumbling blocks you might encounter on your keto journey.

For instance, you are going along, losing a good amount of weight. Then, you have a rough weekend and indulge in high carb food. The next day, you feel bloated, tired and hungry. Part of you feels guilty and wants to give up altogether. Then, you look at that beacon. That powerful reason you have to get back on the wagon and keep moving forward. No one is perfect. And no one does keto perfectly. And that’s okay. The important thing is to have something to keep you motivated. To give you hope. So, take some time today and figure out why you want to go on this journey. Why you want to change your lifestyle to be happier, healthier and more energetic.

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