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Keto Quick Start

A six step quick start guide to eating a ketogenic diet for weight loss.


Getting Started Step 2: Take Before Pictures and Measurements When we are heavy and unhealthy, it’s easy to avoid the camera. Most of us do. But, it’s hard to know how far you’ve come if you don’t have a record of where you began. So, find a most unflattering outfit, one that hugs in all the wrong places, and get pictures in it. Front, side and back. You can do this yourself in the bathroom mirror, or you can have a trusted friend or significant other do it. What’s important is that you have a basis for comparison down the road. Also, get a tailor’s measuring tape (in the sewing area of most stores) and measure yourself in specific areas: • Neck • Upper Arms • Chest • Waist • Hips • Thighs Some people also measure wrists and ankles. Often, we will lose inches even when we are not losing pounds. The reason for this is that your body is undergoing recomposition. It is replacing some of the fat with muscle. And a pound of muscle only takes up 20% of the space that a pound of fat takes up. So, as you replace fat with muscle, that part of your body gets smaller, even though it weighs the same. Think of it this way: A pound of rock will not take up as much space as a pound of cotton. So, if you get rid of the cotton and replace it with the rock, you will have more room, but no change in weight.

You do not have to show your before pictures and measurements to anyone. They are for your eyes only. But put them somewhere easy to find, because in a month or two, you will be shocked to see the changes you’re making, no matter what the scale says.

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