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The Good Twins Baby chapter 1

The Good Twins Baby chapter

Chapter 1 Carter It’s not every day I walk into the boardroom of Abraham Fertility Inc. to find my twin brother fucking a redhead on the board table. But it’s not exactly the first time it’s happened, either. “Morning,” I say, nonchalant as ever. “Morning,” Lawrence says back to me. He gives me a little wave that ends with a smack on his latest hook-up’s ass. “Mmmmm. Give it to me, Daddy!” the redhead moans. I put my coffee down in front of my seat at the table—just to the right of dear old Dad’s. Lawrence’s seat is to Dad’s left, and I wouldn’t touch it if I were wearing a hazmat suit. He’s got the redhead in his favorite position: kneeling on the chair so he can take her from behind. The long talons of her hot pink nails bite into the leather, and the force of Lawrence’s thrusts makes my coffee slosh back and forth in the cup. “H-hey…” the redhead asks as the only picture on the wall of the board room catches her eye. “Who’s that hottie?” Her eyes shift to meet mine, and I see her turn pale beneath my gaze. “Our mother,” I inform her. “Maybe you’d best just focus on taking cock, sweetheart.” “Want to join?” Lawrence asks me, swiveling the redhead around to face me. Like most things in life, money, fast cars, and attractive women come easy to me. I don’t really need to share women with my twin to get blown, but I have to admit, it saves me a lot of fucking time. The few minutes I need to pick a hot woman up in a bar could always be used doing real work instead. Quickly, I do some mental arithmetic. The way I see it, Dad and the stuffy board will be here in less than four minutes. I don’t really have any interest in fucking her—she’s in danger of getting pregnant just by being in proximity of my dick—but it’s enough time for this redhead to suck my cock and have it packed away with time to spare. It’s a risk, but only a small one. Dad is punctual, but rarely is he early. And since he’s arriving with the entire board of directors, the odds are significantly reduced.

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